Life in the AP Lane Prepping Students for Life in the Real World


Photo Credit: Bernard Foster

Advanced Placement classes are common for most upperclassmen in high schools around the country, but 15-year-old Lachlan Woods is only a sophomore and is already taking 3 AP classes. He takes AP U.S. History, AP Literature and AP Language.
“AP Literature is mainly just the main idea of the books, and AP Language is the basically the small parts of the book,” he said.
Woods takes his AP U.S. History class here at Loy Norrix, on the other hand AP Literature, and AP Language are taken at ATYP. Which is the Academically Talented Youth Program mainly used for Math and English, ran by the Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University.
Kalamazoo Country Day School, a private school for K-8th grade, without even knowing, Woods spent all of his middle school years there prepping for the AP classes he now takes.
According to College Board’s web page, “The majority of U.S. high schools currently participate in the AP Program.”
“Some people start in the 7th, but I started in the 8th grade for English courses,” said Woods.
It’s Woods’ first year taking AP classes, and he plans to continue taking them in the upcoming year.
When asked if he had any boring moments at ATYP,
“There is a lot of repeating of the same thing during the studying for the exam,” Woods continued, “Walking out of your class knowing you’ve passed the class is a wonderful feeling.”