Knight Life Slams Yearbook in Kickball Tournament


Marching out to the softball field, you can feel the hot sun making perspiration drip down the back of your neck. Intimidation strikes as you see a group of students all wearing one solid color and practicing their moves of victory. Their eyes show aggression and they look like wolves ready to strike down their prey. However, the Yearbook staff’s overconfidence led to their overall loss in the game.
A coin was flipped and Yearbook went up to bat, making one run before Knight Life got them out. Then came the time for Knight Life to strike back. Their retaliation tied up the game before Yearbook went back up to bat, immediately receiving three outs. Knight Life returned to the plate and came back with four runs before yearbook can get them out.
It is at this critical point that Yearbook advisor, Brianna English, called a team meeting to get her players motivated. Yearbook struck back, making 3 runs and refusing to accept the outs made by Knight Life. When Yearbook finally received three outs, the score was 5-4, Knight Life winning by one point.
The last inning was intense. The score was close but Knight Life made another run before they were out. They were able to maintain defense in the last inning and Knight Life beat Yearbook by two runs. Knight Life unexpectedly took victory over the Yearbook staff, proving their team’s strength and cooperation.
“I thought we were going to lose because Yearbook was practicing after school and we were too busy getting the last issue of Knight Life out,” said Knight Life news editor, Sophia Boismier.