Going to College is Worthwhile


Today in America, it’s harder to get a job than in the 70’s where you could lose your job and not worry because you could apply for a new job the next day and get hired instantly. It didn’t matter whether you had a high school diploma or not, but in today’s society that is no longer the case. Having a high school diploma is almost like having no diploma because if you really want to get a good job, you have to further your education and get a degree in college. The more you progress in your education, the better. I believe that going to college is a great financial investment in the long run.
Going to college means having more knowledge, more knowledge is more power; more power means a chance at a better position in the workforce and having an easier time getting a job because of your achievements in college. You may end up spending a lot on fees, tuition, room/board, books and such, but if you get a good career and a high paying job right out of college it will be beneficial. You not only start getting paid, but also you can pay off your debt quicker. Not all jobs are offered to people who have high school diplomas, but having a college degree gives you more opportunities in work and other things.
There are those that argue that going to college is a waste of time and you just pay a lot in the end leaving you with nothing and that you don’t even get the job that your career offers because it doesn’t even “exist.” It’s better to go to college and get a college diploma than not to because going to college means that work opportunities increase. If the career doesn’t “exist” you can always go back to college and major in something new.
There are ways of paying off college debt and that is with loans, scholarships, and grants so you don’t pay off the entire thing on your own. Scholarships and grants are better than loans. A college loan is money handed to students who need financial help, the student borrows the money for a certain number of years, but then they have to pay the money back with interest.
According to the “New York Times,” “Americans with four-year college degrees made 98 percent more an hour on average in 2013 than people without a degree.”
The price of colleges and universities has risen over the past decade, but so has the price of living. Jobs are what students seek to help pay off their debt. With the Inflation of prices, many people ask for a raise in the minimum wage, but what would that do to the price of living and the inflation we already have? It would rise up even more as well because the seller knows that the consumer is willing to pay more for the product since they have more to spend with the increase of the minimum wage. Minimum wage jobs are called minimum wage because they are meant for low pay, and low paying jobs are usually meant for teenagers.
There is a reason why college is beneficial to human society. College is what gets you through in the world, and if you want to be successful in life I have three words for you: Go to college.