Reasons Teachers Have Attitudes


When you think of teachers, you think of good ones, bad ones, and the ones who just don’t care. To me teachers’ attitudes should always be great. Teachers signed up to teach; we didn’t sign up to learn from them. They can be uptight or mad.
I hate that a student can have the ability to mess up a teacher’s day. I really hate when teachers take their anger out on us because of it. There are many reasons teachers quit teaching according to ‘’The Guardian.’’ Two-fifths of teachers quit teaching within five years, studies show. Reasons cited are feeling undervalued, heavy workloads, and behavior attacks.
There’s a lot of reasons teachers start to teach in the first place, reasons such as love of the subject, to have fun, have longer holidays, and they enjoy working with children. Also I feel that students forget how much work is involved on the teacher’s end.
According to English teacher Tisha Pankop she said, ‘‘The love of the subject and my students’’ is why she became a teacher. The hardest part about teaching she also said, ‘‘It seems every year there’s a heavy workload.’’
I think that’s what students forget that there’s a lot of work on the teachers’ end. Most students don’t think about that part but it’s true. Teachers have a lot on their plate because of the work load that keeps increasing.