Emerging from the Water


Swim Season Ends and Seniors Reflect on Accomplishments

Walking into the pool deck, you inhale the scent of chlorine. Looking up at the stands you can see family, friends, and peers. Here comes the nerves. When your race finally starts, you dive in and hear only the faint screams of the crowd when your head emerges from the water for a breath. The image of the clock on the wall with its red letters counting the seconds that pass motivates you. Some of the Lady Knights are experiencing this rush for their last time.
“I will miss the friendships and the tight bond that we formed as a team. I learned to have confidence in myself and to trust my teammates,” said senior swimmer Megan Youngs.
On October 20th, 2015, the senior swimmers had their last meet in the Loy Norrix pool. Thinking about all the memories they have made with their teammates and their accomplishments brought a few of the swimmers to tears.
Coach Mahar gave a speech about each of the senior swimmers and how far they have come since the beginning of the season. He has known many of them since their freshman year, when they hardly knew what each stroke was. All of the senior girls were presented with flowers of different colors, which represented how many years they have been on the team.
“I came into this season only knowing a few people from freshman year and it has been great to be warmly welcomed. I have made so many memories along the way, practices were the best part of my day. I am really proud to be a part of a record-breaking team not only on board but in our hearts,” said senior Isabella Tavares.
This team of strong, brilliantly buoyant women is accepting of everyone who cares to join the team. They share a very tight bond with one another and no one is ever left out. They push their limits as far as they can.
“My favorite part of the season was when we beat Kalamazoo Central! It was a great feeling and accomplishment for the team. Two of the Norrix relays beat school records this year so that was also really exciting,” said senior Makayla Langford.
The swim conference meet passed quickly, wrapping up the final season for the seniors. They were held at Western on November 6th and 7th. However, there was a last chance meet November 10th at Harper Creek.
“The ultimate goal for the swimmers is to leave the program stronger than it was when they first started. I believe that these seniors definitely did that. I really appreciate all the time that these ladies put in. Especially the girls who have been swimming three or four years of their high school career like Mikayla Langford, Lily Krone, and Melissa Commissaris,” said Coach Mahar.
Memories made on the team will never be forgotten. The seniors are leaving the program even stronger than when they began.