Hard Working Burger Chef Helps Carry The Weight

Mike Villarmino works hard in Journalism class. He trys his best to stay on top of both work and school.

By Alex Lutz, guest writer
Judging a book by its cover is something we have all been guilty of. Mike Villarmino is 17 years old and  works harder than some adults do, but you wouldn’t know it just by looking at him. Everyday after school he goes to work until 9 or 10 at night at the fast food chain Burger King. It’s very fast paced and you have to catch on quickly because it’s a demanding job.
According to the website askamanager “There’s real value in learning how to operate within a employee context, how to get along with managers and co-workers, how to advocate for yourself what professional behavior is, and what Isn’t reasonable to expect at work.”
Having a job gives kids future experience, when they get a job right out of college they will have acquired skills that will help them succeed at that job. According to Thinkprogress the Center of Economic and Policy Research finds, “Minimum wage workers are not simply teenagers looking for pocket money,” most are 25-54 years old.
“Burger King isn’t the best job, but I love making money,” said Villarmino.
Villarmino was born in the Philippines and never really met his real father. He always wondered what his father was like and if Mike resembled him. Mikes role model is his mom because she works so hard to take care of him and his sister. She works at Western Michigan University and is a chef. She went to culinary arts school in the Philippines for two years. After she got her degree, she moved her family to the U.S in 2009.
Villarmino’s little sister is named Kenzie; she’s 6 years old. She goes to Parkwood Upjohn Elementary and loves to hangout with her big brother and watch “Cat in the Hat” with him on Sunday mornings. She loves “Cat in the Hat” because it always teaches her something and she loves to learn.
“I will always take care of my sister because it’s my job to take care of her,” said Villarmino.
Villarmino really stepped up to the plate when it came to helping out his mom with anything she needs since his father was never around. According to News.com, “10 percent of teenagers who work part time after school need the money to help support their families.”
Whether it’s babysitting for his sister when his mom has to work late or packing her a lunch, Mike works hard to make sure she is taken care of,
“My mom does so much, the little that I do is a big help,” said Villarmino.
At first glance you wouldn’t think Villarmino was this amazing, not all heroes wear capes, some wear hair ties and flip burgers.