Advantages of Attending Parent Teacher Conferences



Junior Link Crew Leader Veronica Verity sits stoically at the top of the tower during parent teacher conferences. Verity helps parents navigate Loy Norrix, but the crowd is underwhelming. Photo Credit / Sophia DeRango

On October 21st, Loy Norrix was filled with parents and guardians from the afternoon into the evening, all hoping to get a word with their child’s educators. Emotions ran high: many students were anxious about their grades/performance in school, parents were proud, worried, disappointed or concerned, and teachers were exhausted from a long day of work.
Parent teacher conferences are held three times a year. This year they were held on October 21st, and are also occurring January 27th and May 4th. The conferences give parents an opportunity to interact, communicate, and discuss their child’s education with their teachers. Attendance to conferences is not required so not all parents attend, missing the chance to learn more about their child’s education.
There is only one opportunity per trimester to go to conferences, which is an inconvenience to a lot of parents and students.  
“They would be a lot more productive if they were split up between days or something. I feel like more parents need to know about it,” said math teacher Sam Maxwell.
However, the parents who do go to conferences are very rewarded.  
“I think it’s important to get to know my kid’s teachers to see where my kids spend their time, [and] talk to [the] teachers,” said parent Jamie Marshall.
Contrary to popular belief, teachers and parents do not just discuss academics. Marshall’s daughter is a freshman and she stated that the conferences are not just about grades.
“I’m asking a lot of questions, not just about academics but how my daughter is doing socially, how she’s doing with navigating the transition to high school,” said Marshall.
Conferences can be a great tool for parents trying to figure out how their child is doing in general.
For the students, conferences can be nerve-wrecking, but they can also be a key component to solid communication between children and parents.  
“Overall it’s really relieving because it just makes sure everyone is on the same page, and when my mom can hear from my teachers directly that I’m doing okay in school. It makes her get off my back a little bit,” said junior Lily Dehollander-Bird.
Parents and students of Loy Norrix, mark your calendars. The next parent teacher conferences are January 27th and May 4th. See you there.