Teen Overcomes Stress to Live Life to the Fullest

By guest writer Tyler Jackson
Kevin is a junior at Loy Norrix and has been at Norrix since freshmen year. He lives with both parents as well as his 9 year old brother Dayton Marure. He goes on to explain how stressful having a younger sibling can be.
“A bit stressful at times because you need to take care of him also need to watch him every day and share with him,” said Marure
Kevin’s younger brother is very athletic. He is involved in swimming and soccer. Kevin tries to attend his games but finds himself tied up in school and work most times. This is the case with many teens who have younger siblings. Many teens often seek jobs to pay for certain things. However, this tends to separate them from family and friends. Kevin works 27 hours a week and this often hinders his ability to attend some of his younger brothers sporting events. This does not stop him from attending the ones he can.
Kevin states that he is proud of his younger brother.
“He is very outgoing and follows me,” Marure continued,” He makes me want to be a good person so he can be one.”
This is often the case with siblings. The youngest often looks to the oldest for guidance.
Kevin’s family exhibits no form of favoritism toward either sibling.
Leelofland states that, “Sixty-five percent of mothers and seventy percent of fathers exhibit a preference for one sibling over another.”
This is not the case in Kevin’s family. Their parents are equally supportive whether it be younger brother Dayton’s athletics or Kevin’s shopping and Netflix sessions which he holds so dearly to his heart.
Being single he goes on to explain the true loves of his life as being Netflix, stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut, and his dog Ricki. Whom he spends his off days with watching popular TV series such as AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”
Kevin cherishes free time due to his 27 hour per week work schedule. Along with school, a life like this would be incredibly tiring to the average person, but he replies nonchalantly with, “It doesn’t bother me.”
Millions of teens have stories much like his as their everyday life. They have jobs as well as family and education to take care of. Most teens are held to a much higher standard by teachers and parents as opposed to other students. Kevin Marure is one of many who go through stress as if it is easy. The only way to truly understand someone is to take a look under the surface, take a look into their home life.