An Important Part of our School Year and a Nice Break


Fire Alarm
Photo by Marta Grabowski

By Marta Grabowski

As the sirens go off and ears start bleeding, students file out of class to their designated fire safety area.

Yesterday at Loy Norrix High School we had two fire drills.  While some think that their nice break from class was just a fire alarm pulled by a student, the drills were scheduled in advance, as required by the State of Michigan.

Each year Loy Norrix along with all the other high schools in the state of Michigan are required to have six fire drills, two tornado drills and two lock downs per school year. These requirements are mandated by the State of Michigan.

The State of Michigan requires the following as stated in House Bill 4460: “A minimum of 6 fire drills is required for each school year for a
school that operates any of grades kindergarten to 12. Four of the fire
drills shall be held in the fall and 2 shall be held during the
remaining part of the school year.”

Assistant principal Andrew Laboe feels that the drills are necessary and needed. “If there were a real fire, outside of natural panic, I feel we would perform pretty well because we know where to go because we practice,” said Laboe.