Learning Music Today


Music Today Class. Photo by Leah Rathbun

By Meredith Farrer

Imagine a class where you can learn all about music and its history without having to utter a single note. Music Today is a new class at Loy Norrix this year, taught by Taryn Fooy.

Every once in a while, you get a teacher who does not love what they are teaching. Fooy on the other hand loves teaching Music Today. During class on September 13th the Music Today class began Musical Theater, which Fooy said is her favorite subject.

“It has something for everyone, from Opera to Rock and even some Rap,” Fooy said.

Music Today is a class for those who want to learn more about music appreciation. Starting with the music of the 1900’s students learn about the evolution of music throughout time. When the class reaches the unit on contemporary music, Fooy will allow the students to do a project on their favorite music.

Until this year Music Today has only been offered at Kalamazoo Central, Fooy is happy to have it at Loy Norrix.

“I wanted to do it, but we hadn’t had enough people,” Fooy said.

Fooy is not the only one who enjoys having this class at Loy Norrix. Freshman Katryn Walsh finds the class interesting, “We get to learn about different music,” Walsh said.

Senior Nora Carpenter finds the class interesting as well. “We are learning about different types of music I wouldn’t listen to otherwise,” said Carpenter.