Loy Norrix Students Get Hyped for Spirit Week


Homecoming 2010 with Juniors (now Seniors) Quentin Bryant and April Curtis

By Leah Rathbun

With Homecoming and spirit week coming up, the students at Loy Norrix High School are buzzing with excitement.  Spirit week is one of the most entertaining parts of the year.  For each day of spirit week there is a different theme to help students get pumped up for Homecoming.  Junior Josh Nephew and senior Jess Moshoginis share their favorite things about spirit week.

“Retro day is dope,” Nephew said.

Moshoginis added, “Favorite teacher day is always funny.”  Conversely, she said the worst spirit day was jersey day.  “It’s a joke because it doesn’t even bring anyone’s spirit up.  It’s just like, ‘hey I’m wearing a jersey.’ Congratulations,” Moshoginis.

Nephew decided that neon day will be his least favorite.  “I didn’t have anything neon,” He confessed.

But both Nephew and Moshoginis can agree on what they consider the best part of spirit week.  “I like the assembly because we get out of class. Or pep rally? Is that what they call it these days?” said Nephew.

Moshoginis added, “I like seeing people get really into it.  The whole week just gets you excited for the game and everyone cheering [at the pep rally] makes it really high energy.”

The competition among the classes to win the spirit jug is another great factor of spirit week.  Each day, the teachers tally up the number of students participating in that spirit day from each class and at the end of the week, and whichever class has the most points wins the spirit jug.

Moshoginis, who is running for Homecoming Queen said, “It’d be really cool to win, and winning the spirit jug would be the cherry on top.”

This year’s Homecoming game will be against Battle Creek Central at 7:00 p.m. and the dance is afterwards in the cafeteria until 11pm.  Next week’s spirit days are as follows:

Monday- Neon Day

Tuesday- Career Day

Wednesday- Disney Day

Thursday- Sports Day

Friday- Blue & White Day (upperclassmen wear blue, underclassmen wear white.)