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Sports and Entertainment Class Takes Field Trip to Wings Stadium

Sports and Entertainment Class Takes Field Trip to Wings Stadium

anthonyfoti May 17, 2013

On May 3rd, 2013 the EFE Sports and Entertainment class was able to see the real functions of a professional sports stadium at Wings Stadium. Sports and Entertainment Management is a class designed to...

Photo by Sydnee Stannard
Army veteran Mike Morehouse would return back to the front line any day, despite his struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Student Veterans of America helps soldiers like Morehouse connect with each other.

Student Veteran Deals With PTSD

anthonyfoti March 9, 2013

  Ever wonder what the day to day life is like for men and women who have served in the Iraq War? Well when the temperature gets up to 157 degrees and sandstorms can last seven days, it can get...

Photo by Allie Creamer
Ryan Grover excels outside of the band room as well. She is currently in Latin III.

Loy Norrix Student Plays in All-State Orchestra at Michigan Music Conference

anthonyfoti February 1, 2013

“Playing is a release from the everyday world,” said violist Ryan Grover. When you have practiced so hard and for so long, it has finally time your work is put to the test. For Ryan Grover her chance...

Teenagers too Old to Trick or Treat

Teenagers too Old to Trick or Treat

anthonyfoti October 30, 2012

Here we go again! Costumes, scared little kids, candy, no its not middle school. It’s Halloween. Kids go door to door dressed in whatever they want to be. But I find an issue with these kids who run...

Photo Illustration by Allie Creamer
Students are so attached to their cell phones that they are even used at lunch when they should be eating.

Loy Norrix Uses Technology for the Good

anthonyfoti September 22, 2012

A teenager is sitting at home playing video games; suddenly their pocket makes a noise. It is a message reminding them to do their homework assignment for that night. The video games get turned off,...

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