Knight Life

Amelia Leibold Officially Signs at Oakland University

Photo by: Julie Deluca
Amelia signed in Grand Rapids along with 36 other crew juniors. She signed with her travel club instead of signing at Loy Norrix.


February 26, 2013

“Technically I came out kickin,” Amelia Leibold said when how long she has been playing soccer. She started really playing at age six, and now she is committed to play for the Golden Grizzlies at Oakland University. Before finally making her decision, Leibold had to decide from different universit...

Tattoos Cover Up Scars

Photo by Sydnee Stannard
Walker is not the only one to get a tattoo at Loy Norrix. There are many students who have more than just two tattoos.


February 12, 2013

Scars are a permanent patch of skin that grows over the skin, they are there forever just like tattoos. Tattoos are a masterpiece to some and a disgrace to others. They are frowned upon in some environments and praised in others. This generation has become accustomed to body artwork because its such...

Hurricane Sandy Becomes the Highlight of Twitter


November 25, 2012

“THINK IMA DESTROY A STARBUCKS. I COULD REALLY GO FO A PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE RIGHT ABOUT NOW,” posted a fake twitter account titled Hurricane Sandy. Seems like a funny thing someone might say right? Well the funny thing is, people are really saying things like that in the United States right now. Hurricane...

Reversing The Classroom: The answer to reverse learning

As students ask questions Ms. Witt is able to answer them and interact with them. This keeps students interested and on task.


November 8, 2012

As you walk into class, the bell ringer is on the board. After that is finished there is still 60 minutes that are spent with lectures and notes, class examples, bookwork, and discussions. For many teachers and students, 70 minutes is not a sufficient time to complete everything that needs to be done i...

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