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Have a Fairy Tale Prom Without Going Bankrupt

Have a Fairy Tale Prom Without Going Bankrupt

caitiecoo March 30, 2016

Prom is a night that upperclassmen have dreamt of since they were children. It is the one evening that they get to live out their own personal fairy tale. Everything is planned out to perfection. There...

A militant of the Islamic State carrying the flag.
This photo of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was taken from Wikipedia.

ISIS Terrorist Group Attacks

caitiecoo January 20, 2016

Imagine having a nice family dinner at a restaurant downtown. Everyone is laughing and sharing things from their day, smiling and enjoying one another. All of a sudden, BOOM, the moment is gone and men...

Emerging from the Water

Emerging from the Water

caitiecoo November 13, 2015

Swim Season Ends and Seniors Reflect on Accomplishments Walking into the pool deck, you inhale the scent of chlorine. Looking up at the stands you can see family, friends, and peers. Here comes the nerves....

Shukrani Nsenga, Stephanie Gonzalez, and Arya Malmgren sign up for on-site admissions. It is an exciting yet stressful time of year for these students.
Photo Credit / Caitlin Commissaris

It’s the Season for Early College Applications

caitiecoo October 20, 2015

It’s the time of year for spooky costumes, frightful nights and something equally as scary- college applications. Just the idea of applying for colleges can scare most high school seniors. By now we...

Milwood Elementary, a school that has stood for almost 100 years, is demolished for remodeling. A crane lifts up rubble from the demolition. Photo Credit / Caitlin Commissaris

Milwood Elementary is Torn Down for Remodeling

caitiecoo September 21, 2015

Wrecking balls and bulldozers are now tearing down a place that children used to learn, laugh, and play. The halls that students used to roam with peers are no longer standing. Former Milwood Alumni couldn’t...

Knight Life Slams Yearbook in Kickball Tournament

Knight Life Slams Yearbook in Kickball Tournament

caitiecoo June 5, 2015

Marching out to the softball field, you can feel the hot sun making perspiration drip down the back of your neck. Intimidation strikes as you see a group of students all wearing one solid color and practicing...

Reasons to Join Knight Life

Reasons to Join Knight Life

caitiecoo May 29, 2015

Walking to the downstairs K wing for 3rd hour has been the daily routine for all Knight Life students. Stepping into the room, you smell popcorn, hear the excitement of new ideas being brought to attention,...

Loy Norrix students at the KIA for their 2015 prom. The students danced in the outside courtyard.

A Knight in the City, Loy Norrix Prom 2015

caitiecoo May 6, 2015

If you would like your prom pictures to be included in this slide show please send them to [email protected]

Loy Norrix’s New Security Brings Change to Handling Student Behavior

Loy Norrix’s New Security Brings Change to Handling Student Behavior

caitiecoo April 2, 2015

This year a new member was added to the Loy Norrix security staff. This addition to the school seems to have brought a new way to handle student behavior and activity in the hallways. Usually you would...

Loy Norrix Women's Tennis Team in 2014. Athletes hit the courts for practice as spring arrives.
Photo Credit: Art Williams

Loy Norrix Tennis Team Gets Back in to the Swing of Things

caitiecoo March 11, 2015

The snow is melting, birds are chirping, and spring is finally arriving. For athletes at Loy Norrix, this means it’s time to prepare for seasonal sports. Women’s tennis officially started on March...

Loy Norrix Students Protest Police Brutality Against Young Black Males

Loy Norrix Students Protest Police Brutality Against Young Black Males

caitiecoo December 4, 2014

Walking into the Loy Norrix cafeteria on the morning of December 4th was not like any other this year. There was a group of thirty to forty students lying motionless on the ground, wearing the face of...

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