The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

While Netflix may be losing stock price, it is still the most popular and most regularly used streaming service among Norrix students and staff.

90’s market disruptors, Netflix and Hulu, edged out by the next generation of online streaming services

Elias Nagel-Bennett, Copy Editor May 31, 2022

From novels, to the radio, to TV and cable, and now online streaming, the consumption of entertainment has evolved almost every generation since the start of the 20th century. Nowadays, fans of a show...

The Michigan State Capitol building was made in 1878 by Elijah E. Myers. He would go on to make the Colorado and Texas state capitols, leading to the three being very similar in architectural style.

Spectacular Legislatures: All 50 state capitol buildings, ranked

Elias Nagel-Bennett, Copy Editor May 4, 2022

Driving to Lansing on I-96, the dome of the Michigan Capitol building stands out in stark contrast to the skyline of the city. The Lansing State Capitol, is not alone: it is one among 49 others, each designed...

In Ukraine, Loy Norrix alumni flees from Kyiv amid Russian invasion

In Ukraine, Loy Norrix alumni flees from Kyiv amid Russian invasion

Elias Nagel-Bennett, Copy Editor March 18, 2022

Every morning, students from across the Kalamazoo area pack up books, binders, and school-issued chromebooks, fitting them into one of the most ubiquitous symbols of high school– the backpack. Look through...

Pictured (left to right): Reaghan Babrick and Canaan Hogan talking about affordable policy in Kalamazoo. The issue of lessening rising home prices and rent has become a key issue not only in Kalamazoo but across the nation, and various solutions have become parts of the major parties platforms.

More than just anger: teen radicalization on the rise

Elias Nagel-Bennett, Copy Editor March 15, 2022

Editor’s note: This story is part of  “State of Mind: The Modern Condition of Youth,”  produced in partnership with local, independent news outlet NowKalamazoo, which provided editorial support...

And Then There Were None was made by prolific British author Agatha Christie. She wrote a total of 66 crime thrillers, and often oversaw their stage scripts.

LN drama department announces spring play, “And Then There Were None”

Elias Nagel-Bennett, Copy Editor March 8, 2022

  As the musical “Something Rotten” has been wrapped up for almost a month, many have been waiting with baited breath to see what non-musical play production Loy Norrix drama teacher, Dan Lafferty,...

Former Loy Norrix student Myron Sykes after giving blood in 2016. Loy Norrix hasnt held the blood drive for 2 years due to Covid concerns, but hopes to return to form this March.

National blood shortage threatens to further harm the overwhelmed hospital system

Elias Nagel-Bennett, Copy Editor March 4, 2022

Blood drives are a time-honored tradition of high schools, whether run through the school itself, an advanced health class, or volunteer organizations like National Honor Society or Key Club. High schoolers...

Officer Epps in the tower during passing time. While the SRO is often a last resort in student discipline, Epps is the first line of defense against intruders entering the school.

As crises increase in high schools, more emphasis to be placed in Student Resource Officers, despite objections to police in schools

Elias Nagel-Bennett, Copy Editor February 17, 2022

The hallway is abuzz with the clamor of feet, shouts and greetings, and the twisting and turning bodies of students, with dozens of destinations and paths in mind. To keep some sense of order, Loy Norrix...

Ethiopian soldiers prepare for an offensive against opposed militias outside the regional capital of Mekelle in November of 2020. The country has had several armed conflicts in the past century, most notably a civil war in 1974 which cemented the importance of Tigray within internal politics.

Ethnic and political clashes run rampant in Northern Ethiopia

Elias Nagel-Bennett, Copy Editor October 28, 2021

The Tigray region of Ethiopia has a history of political importance, great autonomy and serves as a spiritual and historic center of the nation. However, as of late, Tigray has been embroiled in conflict...

Green School members take an active role in their community, and though attendance is not tracked, students attend regularly. Seen here, they paint slabs of concrete for the A wing courtyard.

Green School gives students a way to get involved with environmental activism

Elias Nagel-Bennett, Copy Editor October 15, 2021

Loy Norrix has a variety of outdoor spaces, from the spacious and social lunch courtyard, to the smaller, foliage-rich A, B and C wing courtyards, along with the rippling green landscaping around the school....

Something Rotten was first preformed in 2015, and was nominated several Tony awards, winning one for Best Featured Actor in a Musical.

“Something Rotten” comes to Loy Norrix

Elias Nagel-Bennett, Copy Editor October 7, 2021

Despite its name, the musical “Something Rotten” is far from such, considered to be a classic among the genre and an oftenly performed piece in high schools.  The musical was developed by John...

Dan Lafferty has been acting for 10 years, starting in local theatre and moving onto travelling work with Missoula Children’s Theatre. He’s now teaching in his first year at Norrix, hoping to carry over the successes of the departing teacher, Mrs. Carrow.

Staff shakeup in the Loy Norrix Drama department

Elias Nagel-Bennett, Copy Editor September 30, 2021

J11, that room tucked away in the far side of the building. Low ceilings, dim lights, a consistently cool temperature. For many it is a familiar, or at least a comfortable space. And for as long as any...

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community