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The Quiet in the Halls: School Disallows Leaving Classroom Without a Security Escort Indefinitely Due to Testing

Grace Augustine

May 17, 2017

“We have a lot of students who view hall passes as just a reason to walk the halls and get a break from class,” said AP United States History teacher Matthew Porco. In order to prevent this, and to make halls quieter during testing, including SAT, make-up SAT and AP tests, Loy Norrix administration ha...

A New Way of Learning: Online classes Have Benefits

Junior Lacey Burke sits in front of a computer doing her PreCalculus test on MIVHS. She is taking this class because it does not fit into her schedule. “I enjoy the level of autonomy that I have when completing and turning in my assignments. I can make it work around my personal schedule,” said Burke. Photo Credit / Grace Augustine

Grace Augustine

May 18, 2016

Passing classes can be hard, and when faced with a subject like math, many find that the largest challenge between them and graduation is earning credit from a class that they already tried and failed. Other students simply want to take a class the school does not offer. Classes offered by GRAD Point and Mi...

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