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Chairs at the Kalamazoo Valley Museums Planetarium line up row by row facing toward the dome of the planetarium. They lean back as the veiwer watches for a 360 degree veiw of the program. Photo Credit / Jonnie Palone

Exploring Kalamazoo Valley Museum's Planetarium

Jonnie Palone March 21, 2017

The Kalamazoo Valley Museum has a lot to offer the public including historical exhibits, interactive displays and planetarium shows. A planetarium is a dome shaped viewing room that projects a video onto...



Jonnie Palone December 23, 2016

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Junior Deangelo Sanders walking to his bus with a grin at the end of the day. Sanders walks down past the gym to catch his bus. Photo Credit / Jonnie Palone

Transportation at Loy Norrix Affects Student Life

Jonnie Palone November 29, 2016

The first day with your own car and license opens a whole new world of freedom and opportunity to do what you want when you want.   Having a car gives students the independence and freedom to work around...

Donald Trump Elected 45th President of The United States

Donald Trump Elected 45th President of The United States

Jonnie Palone November 28, 2016

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Local Company Emerges from Loy Norrix

Local Company Emerges from Loy Norrix

Jonnie Palone October 3, 2016

Wearing nice clothes and dressing fashionably is something that matters to high school students. Some students are taking fashion into their own hands. Loy Norrix senior Andrew DeHaan and Grand Valley...

Veteran () reads his report written by Loy Norrix students at the VA picnic May 26th. After eating lunch with his group he looks down and reads the biography about his service and his life. Photo Credit / Jonnie Palone

Students Explore Veterans Experiences at Battle Creek VA

Jonnie Palone June 14, 2016

  Students excited to meet their veterans steadily walk off the bus in the area of Battle Creek known as the Veterans Affair. The Veterans Affair (VA) facility provides benefits, support and medical...

Part Time Employment Helps Students Gain Independence

Part Time Employment Helps Students Gain Independence

Jonnie Palone May 18, 2016

Money in your pocket and the sense of growing out of being a student to becoming an adult is what after school jobs are all about. As high schoolers, most of our responsibilities revolve around our education....

Junior Josh Killingsworth is often seen listening to the 90's rock band in the halls. He listens to Nirvana on a daily basis. Photo Credit / Chris Hybels

Junior Listens to 90’s Rock Band, Nirvana

Jonnie Palone March 24, 2016

He reaches into his pockets and pulls out his headphones and fumbles to untangle them frantically so he can plug them into his iPod and escape the stress of everyday life. Josh Killingsworth, junior at...

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