Interview With a 15 Year Old Juul Addict

Smoking a Juul (pronounced “jewel”), a new type of vaporizer pen (e-cigarettes that vaporize flavored nicotine “juice”), has become a trend here at Loy Norrix. Everywhere you look someone is blowing their thin, nicotine rich smoke into their sleeve. Why are they so popular? Is it the new, compact look that makes them so much easier to hide than classic vape pens? Is it the … Continue reading Interview With a 15 Year Old Juul Addict

WMU Joins the Fight to Save the Planet

“There just isn’t any natural way possible that could explain this [global] warming,” explained Western Michigan University (WMU) professor David Karowe to a full and attentive audience last Wednesday night.   Regardless of what political leaders in the United States want us to believe, with approximately 97.5% of climate scientists in agreement when it comes to whether or not climate change is real and who … Continue reading WMU Joins the Fight to Save the Planet

Hunter Thomas: Embracing the Bold

Hunter Thomas, Senior  I’ve been making art since a very young age, and it’s something that I imagine myself doing for a long time, to say the least. Back then, becoming an art teacher seemed inevitable. I remember sitting in my elementary art room, dreaming of the day when I’d be at the front desk, explaining the color wheel, demonstrating different lines and patterns, and … Continue reading Hunter Thomas: Embracing the Bold

Grace Muchmore: Branching Out

Grace Muchmore, Sophomore “I love making art. Creating in general is such a gratifying experience for me. I’m all over different types of mediums. From crayon wax to acrylic paint. This year I really started branching out. I’m taking a Film/Video EFA at The Epic Center and I have really found myself enjoying the class. I cannot even begin to express how much I have … Continue reading Grace Muchmore: Branching Out

Curnica Landwer: A Different Point Of View

Curnica Landwer, Senior “Every artist is different. Every one of us artists have a different point of view and different way of doing things, but the thing that makes us the same is that we embrace and celebrate that. It’s our creative minds that draw us together and fuel the desire and appreciation for art. Something I’ve always loved about art is that there’s no … Continue reading Curnica Landwer: A Different Point Of View

Chris Zheng: An Artist’s Passion

Chris Zheng, Senior  I see art first and foremost as a way of expression. People who do art or [are] named by others as artists express themselves. The fountainhead of expression is an artist’s inner struggles, emotions and flow of creativity. The latter can be seen as an eagerness to create something that dwells within the artist and exists in an almost primal state. That … Continue reading Chris Zheng: An Artist’s Passion