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From Kampala To Kalamazoo: Robert Ssebugawo Brings A New Perspective To Loy Norrix

Ssebugawo can be seen joking with students. He makes it his goal to make students feel comfortable and welcome at Loy Norrix. Photo Credit / Rachel Zook


March 22, 2017

After spending nearly four years here at Loy Norrix High School, it’s easy to forget how many people are around me that I have never met. Sometimes I think that I get so wrapped up in my own life and the lives of my friends that I forget that there are countless other lives going on around me, each ...

"The Book of Mormon": Shocking, Offensive and Wonderful

"The Book of Mormon": Shocking, Offensive and Wonderful


November 14, 2016

There are certain things that you want to bring your parents to; baseball games, museums and parent teacher conferences (when you have decent grades). Everyone knows that watching a romantic movie with them should be avoided at all costs, but there are some things that you always expect to be family-...

Loy Norrix Students Awarded the Heyl Scholarship

Shukrani Nsenga. Photo Credit / Abby Farrer


June 10, 2016

Imagine going to a great college in a wonderful city. You’re the first person in your family to go. It’s the perfect place to pursue the subjects that you love and to start the career you’ve always wanted. But there’s one problem- you don’t have enough money. That’s where scholarships like the He...

Rival Schools Work Together to Beautify Downtown Kalamazoo

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June 7, 2016

Students from both Kalamazoo Central and Loy Norrix High School took part in planting colorful flowers around Bronson Park and outside City Hall as a volunteer effort that took place on Thursday, May 26. With the help of local certified master gardeners, the rival schools worked together in harmony an...

Students Volunteer at Winter Special Olympics

All the volunteers pose for a group photo in front of the Timber Ridge lodge. Volunteers are all part of the health science EFE. Photo credit / Kathy Nyberg


March 9, 2016

Since 1968, the Special Olympics has been transforming communities and giving millions of athletes with intellectual disabilities in the world the opportunity to take part in over 94 thousand competitions every year. According to the Special Olympics website, the Special Olympics has “become the ...

Camp Wakeshma: Making Unforgettable Summers For Almost A Century

The Camp Wakeshma bath house
Photo credit: Rachel Zook


November 16, 2015

During the long school year, many students from Loy Norrix and all around KPS look forward to the summer haven that is Camp Wakeshma. Whether they go as campers or hope to be a part of the staff, Camp Wakeshma has put hundreds of Kalamazoo locals and residents all over Michigan under its spell. Establi...

A Classic Movie That Creates a Lasting Culture of Its Own

A Classic Movie That Creates a Lasting Culture of Its Own


January 15, 2014

Are men in fishnet tights, high heeled shoes and corsets the kind you hang around with? If not, going to see “Rocky Horror Picture Show’ might not be for you. In going to see it for the first time Saturday, I was a little shocked by the provocative outfits worn proudly by both men and women. Being...

A Fast Paced Life to Match a Fast Paced Runner, Olivia Vande Pol’s Story

Sophomore Olivia Vande Pol, (center) running in a cross country meet for Loy Norrix Highschool. She is hoping to beat her personal best mile time of 6:30.


November 12, 2013

Olivia Vande Pol’s life requires a lot of dedication. While being a sophomore in high school is hard enough, she manages to do so and run cross country as well as track for Loy Norrix High School. When she’s not inside laboring over her average 5 hours of homework every night, she’s out training in h...

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