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Ron Paul’s Senior Campaign Advisor Speaks on Policy at WMU

Ron Paul’s Senior Campaign Advisor Speaks on Policy at WMU


March 13, 2012

Walking into the Waldo library to purge my study time of all distractions, I saw a large chalk sign etched on the sidewalk. It said: “Doug Wead, Ron Paul’s senior campaign advisor @ Fetzer Center 7-9 pm FREE!” It was 6:35 and I was on the other end of the campus. Upon making my decision to a...

Kim Jong-un to Follow in Footsteps of His Father


January 21, 2012

By Sarah Sherman North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il died December 17th of "physical and mental over-work," according to a TV news announcer on North Korean state TV. The dictator’s death was kept secret for two days until being released by the news agency. After 17 years of cruel despotism the infamous...

Norrix’ Tardy Procedure in Review

From right to left, EFE/EFA students Alex Bridges, Joey Veeder, Justin Perez, and Brandie Batten wait in the cafeteria before their next class. Although EFE/EFA students do not have anywhere to be once they return from their off site class, due to the heightened security with the tardy procedure, an officer checks in on where they need to be. Photo by Sarah Sherman


November 30, 2011

By Sarah Sherman With the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year, administrators at Loy Norrix High School began a new tardy procedure and removed the five-minute warning bell before classes. Vice Principal McKissack said the change was to try to get more students to come to class on time. In pr...

Occupy Wall Street: Frustration of the Masses

Police staked out on Wall Street. Photo by Ruby Tanja


October 21, 2011

By Sarah Sherman Occupy Wall street is a leaderless movement without clear demands but has still accomplished what it set out to do—shed light on corporate corruption. The Occupy Wall Street movement, and hundreds of other protests around the nation sparked by solidarity, are changing the way America sees itself and its distribution of power. The...

Loy Norrix Student Government Helpful and Accessible

Photo by Leah Rathbun


September 21, 2011

By Sarah Sherman So, what does it take to be a part of the student government at Norrix? Do you have to dance an elaborate routine like Napoleon Dynamite or be the prettiest girl in school? Definitely not. Unlike the world of Hollywood high schools, the students elected to represent Loy Norrix are just kids who ...

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