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Being An Exchange Student: It's Not Like The Movies

Isabela Seixas, a 18 year old exchange student from Brazil is proudly using her flag to warm her up in her host town Saint Joseph. Seixas has enjoyed her year in U.S. but her love and value of her home country has grown a lot. Photo Credit / Sarita Nieminem

Sarita Nieminen

May 30, 2017

You’re in the airplane. You can still feel your dad’s strong hug and your mom’s tear drops on your skin. In your ears, you hear your sibling's laugh. Fun memories made with your friends come to your mind and suddenly you wonder: what are you doing? But then, you feel the butterflies in your sto...

Loy Norrix Soccer Team Ready to Rock the Field

Maggie Grabemeyer, junior varsity goalie and field player, deflects a Mattawan player from getting the ball. This is Grabemeyer's first year playing as a Knight. Photo Credit / Deanna Puca

Sarita Nieminen

April 21, 2017

The spring has arrived, and for the Loy Norrix Women’s soccer team, it means putting their cleats on and running out to the soccer field. Soccer is a team sport where every individual matters. You’re expected to work hard and be in good condition. Practicing with your teammates makes the tough practices...

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