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Seniors Say Goodbye to High School and Hello to the Future

Seniors Say Goodbye to High School and Hello to the Future

sophiaboismier June 15, 2016

Photo Credit / Sophia Boismier Around 6:20, family and friends start to trickle into Wings Stadium. With the band and orchestra playing music from Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” and Andrew...

Sophomores Grace Erway (Left) and Bonnie Bremer (Right), have a rehearsal during 3rd lunch to determine their forensics piece for next year. They will be the multiple captains for next year's season.

The Forensics Team Announces New Captains

sophiaboismier June 13, 2016

Every year on Forensics Night, after the team says farewell to their senior members, it is tradition to announce who next year’s captains are. On March 10th, the most recent Forensic Night, the new...

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders greets Kalamazoo before he starts his speech. He has just walked up to the podium. Photo Credit / Sophia Boismier

Bernie Rallies Supporters at Wings Stadium

sophiaboismier March 18, 2016

On Monday March 6, 2016, the day before the presidential primary election for Michigan, Senator Bernie Sanders stopped by Wings Event Stadium to speak to Kalamazoo. An estimated  32 hundred people showed. With...

Alexander Hamilton: An American Founding Father Makes History on Broadway

Alexander Hamilton: An American Founding Father Makes History on Broadway

sophiaboismier February 15, 2016

Though many only know him as the guy on the ten dollar bill, Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States, found his way to Broadway in New York City on August 6, 2015. Before...

Living with Stereotypical Thanksgiving Personalities

sophiaboismier November 20, 2015

  There is a painting by Norman Rockwell named “Freedom from Want” that shows a stereotypical suburban American family sitting at a long table, smiling at a turkey that is being placed on a table...

2015 Exam Schedule – Trimester 1

sophiaboismier November 19, 2015

Exam Schedule – Trimester 1 Thursday November 19, 2015 Full Day with Students First Period: 7:33am-8:24am Second Period (Exam): 8:29am-9:59am Third Period A Lunch: 10:34am-11:49am (Lunch 9:59am-10:29am) Third...

Aaron Holmes celebrates Promise Day, while Mr. Aguinaga holds the frame in front of him.

Kalamazoo Remembers to Keep Its Promise

sophiaboismier November 12, 2015

Featured Image: Photo Credit / Kelly Hinga The Kalamazoo Promise has been around for 10 years, and coincidentally, on November 10th, Loy Norrix participated in Promise Day. Promise Day is a day dedicated...

Knight Life staff member Clayton Barker, enjoys the pleasant November air while it lasts. Soon the Michigan cold will strike.

November Calendar 2015

sophiaboismier November 3, 2015

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 V Volleyball Semi Finals-Home 5 NHS Apps Due V Volleyball District Finals(if they make it) -Home 6 No school Girls [email protected] 7 Girls...

Senior Cameron Goodale helps with a photo illustration about teens caffeine consumption.

Teens Feel the Buzz: The Effects of Coffee

sophiaboismier September 29, 2015

Caffeine is a drug, and just like any drug, you can get addicted to it. According to the “Yellowstone Recovery” website, teenagers are actually more prone to addiction because their brains aren't...

Photo Credit: Sophia Boismer

Class of 2015 Graduates from High School

sophiaboismier June 8, 2015

Dressed in gowns, caps, cords, and stoles, the Class of 2015 walked proudly around the perimeter of the K-Wings stadium in alphabetical order, with about 12-15 ft between them. As they walked, they heard...

Seniors Pass the Torch at the Candle Light Ceremony

Seniors Pass the Torch at the Candle Light Ceremony

sophiaboismier June 3, 2015

On Friday May 29th, 2015, the Seniors came to school to attend their very last day of mandatory time on the grounds of Loy Norrix. They came dressed in graduation gowns and lapels, and waited in a line...

June Calendar: End of the Year

June Calendar: End of the Year

sophiaboismier June 3, 2015

 See when Graduation, end of the year exams, and the last day of school are. School is almost done for the year. Go knights! SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday 123 Senior Graduation45678...

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