Knight Life

Justin Bieber Faces Baby Accusations

Junior Jade Hubbard is a big Bieber fan. She has this photoshopped picture of her and Justin Bieber. Photo manip by Jade Hubbard


November 18, 2011

By Synquissa Morris Twenty year old Mariah Yeater filed papers in court on October 31st, alleging that Justin Bieber is the father to her four month old son. Yeater wants a paternity test and child support from Bieber. She claims that they had sex for thirty seconds in a backstage bathroom after he performed at the Staples Center in Octobe...

Hair Feather Extensions add Drama to Style

SynQuissa Morris models her feather hair extensions. Morris has had her feathers for about three weeks. Photo by Leah Rathbun


October 27, 2011

By SynQuissa Morris Hair Feather Extensions Lots of girls are wearing a new accessory in their hair. It is the feather hair extension. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors. These feathers are sold in hair salons all over town. The feather is held in by a bead, which is attached to a small portion of hair. ...

Homecoming Now and Then

Photo of  Senior Ray'Von Jones. Photo Racheal Koole


October 6, 2011

By SynQuissa Morris This year it seemed like every senior wanted to be on the homecoming court. Some people were doing everything they could to get nominated. There were t-shirts, cookies, cupcakes, flyers, stickers and even buttons going around. Things were hectic just before nominations. All the runners wanted to get their name...

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