Wednesday, May 3, 2023


AAC will be open today from 230-330 in the following rooms; English in the back Library, Science in C19, Spanish in K11, ESL Support in K1, SAT Prep in B13, and Study Hall in the main Library. Snacks will be available for students who behave appropriately and complete work.

Seniors! Grad Bash tickets are on sale today in the cafeteria during all three lunches. Only cost $10!

Check out the TVs around the school to see all of the Knight Life reporters who won big at the state journalism competition. Look for your name and those of your classmates and send them a congratulation for their excellent work.

There will be a meeting today from 2:30-4:00 after school in the library to discuss the movement against gun violence. We will distribute posters around the school and have further discussions about the cause. Feel free to email Aj Dodge, Paul Evans, or Natalie Kettmann for more information!”

Buy your yearbook now! There are only around 175 left and they’ll be here in a couple of weeks! If you buy a yearbook, you can also get 10% off your meal at San Francisco on Portage Road by showing them your yearbook! Yearbook staff members will be at all three lunches this week – find our table to buy your yearbook for $65, or go online to with order number 12613!

Seniors, The Kalamazoo Promise will be hosting a Post-Secondary Signing Day celebration on May 12th from 10am-1pm. Departure will be immediately after 1st hour so mark your calendars. This will be a celebratory event and a resource fair. All Seniors are welcomed, not just promise eligible students. Look out for an email from your promise coach with more details or stop by their office if you have questions.

There will be Chess Club today during all lunch shifts in computer lab D-10. If you would like to attend, please see Mr. Bellware before lunch on Wednesday in D-10 for your purple lunch passes. Anybody with a pass may attend, and anyone who beats Mr. Bellware wins a custom-made chess board.

Sword and Board will meet today from 230-330 in room C16. All tabletop gamers and games are invited.

Green school will meet Thursday in room B14 after school. If you like gardening, come on down! We will be planting veggies in the A-wing.

Attention gamers! There will be a meeting on Thursday, May 4th at 2:30 in Mr. Wood’s room C-19 for Loy Norrix Esports. We’ll discuss the upcoming playoffs, and next year. If you’re part of the Discord, check that for more information, or come talk to Mr. Wood in person.

Attention Seniors: Grad Bash tickets will be on sale in the cafeteria on Wednesday May 3 during all three lunches. $10 gets you into this superfun graduation after-party!

Spring is here and the Junior/Senior PROM is in the air….
Get ready for “A KNIGHT FLIGHT to the STARS”- on Saturday, May 6th at the Air Zoo from 8-11 PM. Tickets can be purchased in the Main Office before school, between classes and after school for $40 “CASH ONLY” and $50 at the door. Out-of-district guests will have to need a permission form filled out by their school. Students may not bring guests from middle school or over the age of 20
This will definitely be a KNIGHT to REMEMBER—Dancing to the Stars and Beyond!

There’s a summer journalism camp opportunity at Michigan State July 23-27. If you are interested or already planning to attend, there will be a 30 minute meeting on Thursday, May 11 in Ms. Pankop’s room, K-6. Plan to attend. See Ms. Pankop if you cannot make this very important informational meeting.

Attention Loy Norrix : You are invited May 13th from 4-7pm at the Kalamazoo Expo for the “One World” multi-cultural celebration. The purpose of this event is to promote literacy and celebrate our cultural diversity. This is a great opportunity to get together to celebrate our diversity.