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Zodiac Personalities

Zodiac Personalities

Yesenia Salas

January 9, 2019

By Yesenia Salas and Jaelyn Anderson  

Battling Cancer as a Family: Student Struggles With a Parent's Illness

Battling Cancer as a Family: Student Struggles With a Parent's Illness

Brandi-Rose Phiri, Business Manager

December 23, 2018

She was forlorn as she came into the room, but put on a smile as she walked up to her dad and told him to drink the glass of water she had set down. She looked at him and all she could think was “has he really lost hope?” The glass sat full of water getting warmer as the day got darker. Sadly, th...

Cancer Through the Eyes of a Student

March 17, 2017

By Ophelia Smith Imagine a dull room, the buzz of doctors surrounding you. Most students have never experienced this, but for Izze Fahl, a freshman at Loy Norrix High School, this was the reality over a period of four months. In 2016, at the age of 13, Izze found out she has stage 2B Hodgkin's lympho...

Duckett Brothers Donate Jerseys for Good Cause

Loy Norrix (right) Kalamazoo Central (left) head off against each other on the night of September 9th 2016. The two teams wear donated jerseys for breast and prostate cancer cause. Photo Credit / Zach Liddel

Maxwell Link

October 4, 2016

On the night of September 9th, 2016, two rival teams, Loy Norrix High School and Kalamazoo Central High School, fought for the title of the city. Lights were shining on the field, and out came both teams, Kalamazoo Central in pink and Loy Norrix in blue. Blue and pink are the colors representative f...

Loy Norrix Prepares for Relay for Life

The door to Ms. Pankop's room is covered in feet, representing each of the students from her class who have donated to Relay for Life.


May 14, 2015

“Would anyone like to buy some feet today?”This might not be exactly the type of question one would expect to hear from their high school homeroom teacher, but it’s one students will likely be hearing much more over the next several weeks.For the next week until May 29th, the Loy Norrix commu...

Running Fifty Marathons Before Fifty

Kelly Hinga running in the Rock n Roll Marathon.


May 7, 2014

On a billboard in her office is the mantra: “If you believe, if you work hard, if you smile, you can do anything.” Hanging on the billboard in her office are thirty medals. In a basket under the billboard, hidden behind a tree is a basket full of more medals, but “those are just from half-marathons....

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