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The importance of teachers showing off personality while teaching

Sophomore Myah Walker has decided to meet with Spanish teacher Linsey Bain in the morning. Walker has questions on a story she wrote so she decided to go to Mr. Bain to read the story to her, because she trusts her.

Brandi-Rose Phiri, Business Manager

October 26, 2019

Every weekday for 180 days, teenagers wake up and go to school. Most of the time the students learn the curriculum and move onto the next class, typically leaving them unimpressed and often bored.  Once in awhile, there are teachers who make a bigger impact than than usual. Although enjoying a class re...

How Lily improves her writing despite dyslexia

How Lily improves her writing despite dyslexia

Ava Anglin, Guest Writer

October 2, 2019

Imagine your letters constantly moving and flipping while you try to read them. Sophomore Lily Stickley at Loy Norrix goes through this battle on a daily basis. Stickley discovered she had dyslexia in the second grade. She was having a hard time with spelling and she read slower than everyone el...

In Libris, Libertas (In Books, Freedom): High School Students Should Read More for Pleasure

In Libris, Libertas (In Books, Freedom):  High School Students Should Read More for Pleasure

June 16, 2019

By Sam Shaffer The students let out a collective groan as their English teacher announces the next book they will be reading -- Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.” A large percentage of the students in the class will most likely never open the book and will rely on “Sparknotes” to stumble ...

Volume 57, Issue 2

Volume 57, Issue 2

January 10, 2017


Teachers Should Allow Students to Listen to Music in Class

Teachers Should Allow Students to Listen to Music in Class

Dagnija Tomsons

October 26, 2016

That moment of utter silence envelopes you as you finally are released to work independently and instead of listening to random coughing and the tapping of pencils, you instead pop in those earbuds to listen to some relaxing or upbeat music. Music can help you get into a zone where everything else j...

A New Way of Learning: Online classes Have Benefits

Junior Lacey Burke sits in front of a computer doing her PreCalculus test on MIVHS. She is taking this class because it does not fit into her schedule. “I enjoy the level of autonomy that I have when completing and turning in my assignments. I can make it work around my personal schedule,” said Burke. Photo Credit / Grace Augustine

Grace Augustine

May 18, 2016

Passing classes can be hard, and when faced with a subject like math, many find that the largest challenge between them and graduation is earning credit from a class that they already tried and failed. Other students simply want to take a class the school does not offer. Classes offered by GRAD Point and Mi...

High School Should Be Optional

High School Should Be Optional


November 19, 2015

I love education, but I hate going to high school. I have learned how to cope with the pains of public school for eleven years of my life and so has almost everyone else I know. It’s not just learning how to deal with waking up early, hours of homework, finals week, and more, it’s learning how to...

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