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Loy Norrix Dress Code Focuses on Leggings

Loy Norrix students Brandon Whitmore, Maileen Bugnaski, Isabelle Whalen and  Courtney Richardson wear leggings in protest to the dress code. The dress code has recently been under evaluation. Photo Credit / Felippe Santos
April 13, 2015

When push comes to shove the stronger usually wins. In the case of the educational system, we would consider this to be the administration, principals and teachers who hold power. One significant force...

Why I’m Tired of Talking About Your Rear End- Leggings

Ben Miller
Opinion Editor
September 17, 2013

Heated debates have always caught my interests. I love to submerge myself in a linguistic battle with an opinionated friend. From the times I would belligerently battle with my bossy big brother to my...

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