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Summertime tick update

Pitbull, Violet, taking a walk around Asylum Lake Preserve. After digging around the bushes, two ticks were found on her stomach and quickly removed.

Gigi Fox, Opinion Editor

June 15, 2020

With the summer months quickly on the rise, so is the increase of bugs, especially ticks. While ticks may seem small and harmless, ticks carry many diseases, one example would be Lyme disease. Lyme disease can cause rashes and headaches when it first shows symptoms. With Michigan being surrounded by la...

Presentation educates students on climate change preceding UN Summit

Students watch as professor Kowe gives his presentation

Eli Reynolds, Graphics Editor

October 16, 2019

“Scientific evidence for warming of the atmosphere is indisputable,”

Appreciating the Kalamazoo Nature Center

A beautiful sign welcoming everyone to the Nature Center. Many nature activities await in the building off to the right.

Dagnija Tomsons

February 17, 2016

Photo Credit / Dagnija Tomsons The Kalamazoo Nature Center (KNC) is a non-profit organization where people can learn about nature by walking through trails, reading books and pamphlets and being inspired to do good. On Dec. 12, 2015, there was a free-admission day for a Local Art and Gift Fair, where people were a...

A New Wave of Nature Programs Brings Life to Netflix

A New Wave of Nature Programs Brings Life to Netflix


January 22, 2015

Remember how your parents and teachers always told you that television is a waste of time and doesn’t teach you anything? Not true! My whole life, I have been watching documentaries produced by the Nature channel. Breathtaking footage of hundreds of elephants migrating together, cheetahs running alon...

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