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Loy Norrix Should Change to an Open Campus

Loy Norrix Should Change to an Open Campus

Yasmin Mosqueda, Social Media Team

June 6, 2019

It’s finally lunch time and your stomach is starting to growl because of how hungry you are. You then get in the lunchroom and nothing looks appetizing, so now you have to wait until you get home to eat. We’ve probably all been there before and wished there was another option for us. Students...

Open Campus, Open Discussion? Loy Norrix Upperclassmen Should be Entitled to Open Campus Lunch

Will Dales

June 16, 2017

Guest Writer Will Dales You’re three or four years into your high school career, your lunch bell rings, and the underclassmen race through the halls to be first in the lunch line, enthusiasm oozing out of them. You finally make your way into the lunchroom, and the all too familiar scent of schoo...

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