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Nintendo holds a “favorite Pokemon” poll

Pokemon #001 Bulbasaur was one of the original Pokemon released back in 1996 and was the center of a social media movement to win the Pokemon poll. Unfortunately, Bulbasaur did not break the top 10.

Jackson Kiino-Terburg, A/V Editor

February 27, 2020

Which Pokemon is the “best” is a question as old as time or at least as old as Pokemon itself.  The “Pokemon” series is turning 24 years old on February 27th. With this impressive milestone approaching, Nintendo partnered with Google to hold a poll to find out what people’s favorite Pokemo...

Breakups: Is it a Good Idea to be Friends With Your ex?

Lilly MacInnis, Photo Editor

March 24, 2018

  Loy Norrix students share their opinion on breakups. If you can stay friends after a breakup, and if they have an ex they are friends with. We all do different things after a breakup. Some of us eat our weight in ice cream, while others stalk their exes on social media, looking to see if they...

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