Knight Life

Rock climbing club takes Loy Norrix students to new heights

Climbers at Climb Kalamazoo tackle beginner to intermediate level walls. The facility offers a wide range of difficulties for every type of participant.

April 8, 2020

Here at Loy Norrix, it is widely known that all it takes to start a club is a student, an advisor and an idea. In the case of new Loy Norrix’s rock climbing club, it was health teacher Rich Labadie who got the idea started. As an advocate for physical health and avid rock climber himself, Labadie d...

Labadies at Work

Labadies at Work


November 3, 2014

Being a junior in high school is a difficult part of your life. You have to deal with school, sports, sleep, and a job. It can all add up to a lot of stress. Jane and Grace Labadie, are living up to the challenge and pushing through it. These two girls, twins, both received offers from division 1 colle...

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Rich Labadie