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Loy Norrix Freshman Relates to Comic Book Characters, Good and Bad

Freshman Bela Coats focused on reading the comic book


December 2, 2014

  “If you can’t spend it, money’s just a lot of worthless paper isn't it?” -Batman. In this case, you can spend money. You can spend that money on comic books. Freshman Bela Coats likes comic books and has been reading them for the past two years. There are many different heroes that have...

The Unimaginable Fall of Robin Williams

The Unimaginable Fall of Robin Williams


October 7, 2014

A good entertainer can bring joy and hilarity to an audience through their work, but a truly great entertainer can do that throughout their entire life. Recently, we lost one of Hollywood’s greatest entertainers, Robin Williams. You certainly cannot deny his presence and influence in movies and televis...

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