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Sophomore creates art to cope with social anxiety

Sophomore Karmani Williams works on editing for the school yearbook. Williams enjoys all forms of creative expression, whether through school or in her free time.

Zoe Naylor, News Editor

January 7, 2020

It’s Show-and-Tell day at school and 8-year old Karmani Williams has brought something special to share: a stuffed parrot she sewed herself. She created it with the help of her grandmother, a tailor, and the parrot quickly became one of her most treasured items. Williams still keeps the tattered bird f...

The Last Potato Chip Gives People Social Anxiety

Photo by Lian Wardrop
An example of the lonely potato chip. Social anxiety is caused by this occurrence daily.


December 12, 2013

The last potato chip in the bowl is finally exposed. Its natural habitat has been munched. There are no other survivors of the latest chip genocide. It is naked and alone in the desolate bowl. It’s being watched and stalked and will be eaten by the fastest predator. People face this reality weekly if not daily. Social anxiety often stems from this occurrence. You ...

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