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Kanye West Running for President 2020

Illustration: Luis Juarez


October 1, 2015

On August 30th, 2015, the 32nd annual Video Music Awards were hosted by Miley Ray Cyrus. People ranging from Fetty Wap to Taylor Swift attended the VMA’s. A highlight that people discussed was Kanye West’s standing ovation. As Kanye stood on the stage for a good couple of minutes without saying a word, ...

Reasons to Join Yearbook

Reasons to Join Yearbook


May 18, 2015

Reasons to Join YearbookBecause we have fun… Even though we work hard to produce a 200 page book, there is still time to have fun. From eating the leftover whip cream used as a photo prop, and impromptu photo shoots, dull moments in this class are few and far between.People in Yearbook are the real...

Technology Usage Is A Danger To All

Technology Usage Is A Danger To All


March 27, 2015

Out of the 308,745,538 Americans you and I live amongst, 90 percent of them, or 277,870,984 Americans own a cell phone. Many of these users are teenagers, millennials, or others your grandparents call “young people”. The aforementioned groups of people have an addiction to their technology, you ca...

The Step-by-Step Guide to Swagnificent Selfies

This selfie is of English teacher and Knight Life Advisor Tisha Pankop posing in Phoenix, Arizona over this past Spring Break. This is the third selfie she's ever taken, and the first one she's ever published


May 1, 2014

The art of taking a selfie is one that can be a little tricky to master. It’s imperative though that one learns to become proficient in this, as selfies are a major aspect of social media. Without selfies, what will you post on Instagram when you look good? How will you let all of your followers kno...

Snow Challenge Poses Major Threat to Health

Snow Challenge Poses Major Threat to Health


January 20, 2014

Eleven months ago, YouTuber Cassi Robyne posted a video of her brother participating in the snow challenge. So far, it’s received over 29 thousand views.If there’s one thing that can be said about teenagers today, it’s that they’re all about taking risks. While this is usually a commendable trait, som...

Five Foolproof Ways to Go to Formal Alone

Forever alone.


December 6, 2013

Forever alone. Are you struggling with formal? Pesky would-be-dates keep asking you? Having trouble figuring out a way to just go by yourself? With the stigma and all of the social pressure associated with finding a date to the dance, here are a couple easy tricks to get you to the dance all by your lonesome: W...

Teachers use Social Media to Improve Student Participation

by Emily Jackson


November 14, 2013

Social media was originally used to communicate with family and friends that were seldom seen. Within the past few years, it has developed into a go-to for almost everything. Teachers have begun using Remind101 and Google Voice to communicate with their students. These forms of social media are used to... Enabling Bullying or Encouraging Kindness? is operated out of Latvia, but has primarily American users.


November 5, 2013

Imagine asking that cute girl from your third block anything and everything about herself; who she likes, what she looks for in a significant other, etc...without her knowing it’s you. Or maybe you want to tell her she looked good today without her thinking you’re incredibly creepy. is a social networking website where ...

Facebook Becomes the New Myspace

Photo by Nikia Jackson
Senior Cassie Thompson is checking her Facebook for new updates. Thompson checks all of her social media sites every 30 minutes.


January 11, 2013

Facebook was launched in February of 2004; it is one of the most popular and well-known social networks today. Facebook can re-connect high school friends and keep you up to date on your friends and families lives. Facebook is for all ages to enjoy, but the behavior of some Facebook users is out of con...

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