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All in for the win: Sophomore talks about her time playing volleyball

Freshman Bianca Hobson plays in a Volleyball game for her school team. She has trained hard for her games and gave up two other sports to focus on Volleyball.

Lucy Heystek, Guest Writer

February 21, 2020

Sophomore Bianca Hobson steps onto the court, she feels anxious but excited, she sees her competitors on the other team and hears the audience cheering, she tastes the sweat sliding down her face and smells the leather material used to make the volleyball.  Bianca Hobson used to play basketball and ru...

Sophomore Explains Hardships in Playing Hockey

Sophomore Explains Hardships in Playing Hockey

June 17, 2019

By Claire KnudsenThe feeling of excitement and pride swept through Sophomore Samantha Shaffer’s body after winning the state championship and her first year on a girls ice hockey travel team. Samantha Shaffer started playing ice hockey at 13. Shaffer has been playing ice hockey for 3 years, 2 of them being with the ...

Students Share Their Experience With EFE and EFA

Christian Baker

January 19, 2017

    Seniors Alex Wallace, Da 'Jzon Hughes and sophomore Joseph Welch explain the benefits of their EFA and EFA classes. Loy Norrix students can apply to these programs through their guidance counselor. Information about these programs can be found in the KPS Bulletin of Courses....

Music is Love, Music is Life. Sophomores Motivating Passion for Music

 Sophomore Madeline Skiles (Right) and friend pose at their seats next to the stage where One Direction performed. Skiles and friend joined over 100,000 fans (AKA


December 17, 2014

Every day you hear music in the distance whether it be in the hallways from other classmates. Music plays from the intercom by Link Crew Members trying to create a more positive environment, or passing by the Choir room on your way out of class. Music is all around us! Some music you may like and s...

Wrestlers Look Forward to Improve on their Success

Wrestlers Look Forward to Improve on their Success


November 20, 2014

  You walk into the gym and see the mats and the floor and hear people cheering on their athletes. You hear the ref counting 1…2….3… and then a slam on the mat. Somebody just got pinned.  Most people don’t really see wrestling as an interesting sport. However, if you come to a meet you will be happily surprised. Wrestling is a very interest...

The Life of a Particular Sophomore: Coming to a More Diverse Place

Caitlin Commissaris works hard in Ms. Lewis's class. Loy Norrix High School has a great level of diversity.


January 30, 2014

“Whoa,” was former freshman Caitlin Commissaris' first thought when she came to Loy Norrix High School. Everyone was so diverse compared to her old school. Commissaris said everyone at Norrix was different. They didn’t dress or look the same. Everyone at Norrix had their own style. “People at my old school weren’t so diverse. They looked, acted and dressed ...

The Young Cheerleader Never Regrets Effort to Attract Audience

Freshman Hannah Pittman at tryouts for the Loy Norrix cheerleading team. She is getting ready with her friends to meet the new members.


November 20, 2013

High blonde ponytail with white ribbon, you can see the letters of “Knight” on her deep blue costume. Many girls have wished to be cheerleader in their high school life. Hannah Pittman has joined cheerleading for 3 months. “I’m proud of my handspring,” she said, “because I practiced over...

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