The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

As students walk the halls on their way to their classes, theyre reminded that there are staff who are safe to tell. If they are experiencing abuse, harassment, mental health declines or other struggles, they can reach out to the teachers who have these teal ribbons displayed in their classrooms.

If you’re being harassed, look around for the Safe2Tell stickers

Grace Lovely, Guest Writer June 8, 2024

You were sitting in class, getting ready for the test that you were about to take. You felt something on your arm, but you brushed it off. It kept happening, so you look to your right and you tell the...

Its the last week of school, and Saul Quintero and Anderson Flores Aguilar are glad. Together, they study for their final exam in English so that they can finish it on time.

Foreign exchange students experience fewer school restrictions in the United States

Ashley Lopez, Guest Writer June 8, 2024

Imagine stepping into another country where the cultural tradition, education system and even daily life are different from what you were used to. Over the past 10 years, more than three thousand foreign...

From helpful to harmful: AI’s interference in the classroom

From helpful to harmful: AI’s interference in the classroom

Alexander Velo and Finn Bankston June 8, 2024

Since the dawn of technology, the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has intrigued the technology and science community. It started with dreams of having an automated robot, like Maria in the 1927...

Photo Illustration. Junior Dimitri Agdanowski steps out of his truck, ID in hand, ready for the day ahead. He looks out to the blue sky, not knowing what the day has for him, but prepared to conquer the day.

Students struggle with morning routines and having energy for the day

Oliver Raymond, Guest Writer June 7, 2024

You wake up to the sound of your alarm screeching at your bedside table. You look into your phone's bright rays and think of how many things you could get done if you woke up now. Still, the thought of...

Photo Illustration. Left: Naoke Isobe poses in front of her high school in Japan, the Matsudo Kokusai high school (Credit: Akiyo Asobe). Right: Isobe poses with social studies teacher Kyle Shack at Loy Norrix High School, in Kalamazoo, Michigan (Credit: Sean Bergan).

Japanese exchange student Naoko Isobe graduates

Emma Lowry, Guest Writer June 6, 2024

Excited and nervous to go to the United States, Naoko Isobe left her home in Chiba, Japan to study abroad in Kalamazoo Michigan for the 2023-2024 school year. Naoko Isobe is a senior this year. She...

Junior Amaris Grubaugh raises a hand to ask a question about Economics teacher Ryan Allens presentation about the Federal Reserve.

Gen Z students are falling behind in class participation

Dimitri Agdanowski, Guest Writer June 6, 2024

Starting in middle school, while participating in class, Loy Norrix freshman Tobias Myers-Montero has felt uncomfortable, fearing that other students would mock and make fun of them for talking.  Today,...

Focused on her work, junior Sofia Bogard listens to music with her AirPods. Although students are not allowed to listen to music during instructional time, many listen while doing classwork to aid with focus.

Students and teachers reflect on the effects of new rules and procedures as the year draws to a close

Nolan Kiplinger, Guest Writer June 6, 2024

Focus on eliminating phone use improves participation As the school year winds down, students and teachers get ready to finish out a year that looks much different than previous ones.  Many disciplinary...

Obed Gonzalez Aguilar and Gracie Harris step on stage during their performance of Oklahoma. As they were stepping on stage, Obed was trying to keep a straight face while walking to the song “People Will Say We’re in Love.”

A new stage, a new start newcomer to Michigan performs on the LN stage

Jessica Trujillo, Guest Writer June 6, 2024

As the lights dim in Kasdorf auditorium, the room begins to fill with joy, excitement and panic from students who are ready to step on stage and perform.  As the panic settles in, junior Obed Gonzalez...

Then a junior, Nina Holm operates the pulleys in the flyspace during the 2022 production of Legally Blonde. Holm has been involved in theater at Norrix for two years, and this was one of many productions shes worked backstage on.

Loy Norrix senior learns essential leadership skills through theater

Bridgett Weber, Guest Writer June 5, 2024

Imagine a class of 30 high school students in an auditorium rushing to learn their dances, lines, places on stage and where props need to go all before opening night. During the chaos of it all, someone...

Photo Illustration. Foosball club leader, sophomore Felix Bahrou, peers over the edge of the foosball table in B-14. This year, the foosball club met on Mondays, immediately after school.

Move over, varsity sports: foosball takes its shot at Loy Norrix

Lucas Greene, Guest Writer June 5, 2024

If you’re wondering who the best foosball player is, don't let science teacher and Green School club advisor Eric David’s fantastic gardening skills fool you: he’s a menace on the table-sized field. It’s...

Freshman Carter Moon works hard on her painted-can art project. Moon enjoys art with her friends, as it is a fun class and she can get her work done.

Students and staff reflect on the school year

Violet Graham, Guest Writer June 5, 2024

Finally: summer break. The air is hot, the grades are wrapping up and the students and staff at Loy Norrix are excited. While most people focus on graduation and summer break, it's important to be able...

Senior Nora Duffy performs a duet with their AP European History teacher, Matthew Porco as a part of the classs final project.

AP classes provide benefits outside of college credits

Nina Holm, Guest Writer June 4, 2024

Though the 13 AP classes offered at Loy Norrix are very different, both in content and demographics, the electrifying atmosphere of a classroom the day before an AP exam is universal. Students pass flashcards...

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