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“Joe Byron!”: the story behind the formerly homeless TikTok star

“Joe Byron!”: the story behind the formerly homeless TikTok star

Ari'el Abbott, Twitter Editor January 21, 2022

“Byron” is a TikTok sound that has over 210 million views and gained the attention of many TikTok users and celebrities.  TJ is the voice behind so many of these trending sounds like: “Beans,...

(Top) The subtle comparison between the bright yellow of the Bee Joyful logo against the soft gray of the building has an inviting and comforting effect on potential customers. (Bottom) The two buildings which combine to create Kazoo Books are connected by the familiar black, white, and red logo.

From sustainable goods to books, these local Kalamazoo businesses have affordable options that you can’t find anywhere else

Chloe Rathbun, News Editor January 12, 2022

The city of Kalamazoo is the proud home of many small businesses and entrepreneurs who create unique shopping experiences for their customers. During the early days of the pandemic, there was a nationwide...

Students express their style at Winter Formal

Students express their style at Winter Formal

Josephine Velo, Assistant Multimedia Editor/Knights Speak Team December 16, 2021

French teacher Rachel Larner talks to her French 2A class. She works to offer a safe space and normalizes discussions on pronouns in French and English.

It’s not political, it’s respect: advice on discussing pronouns with students

Flora Harper, Staff Writer December 10, 2021

As changing pronouns becomes more and more mainstream, it can be difficult for teachers to navigate. The most important thing is to show students that they are respected and welcome. Rachel Larner,...

Senior Victoria McGowan teaches students at Maple Street. She takes on this role through EFE.

Loy Norrix students learn and grow during their off-campus classes and internships

Flora Harper, Staff Writer December 6, 2021

Taking English and Computer Science classes through ATYP, Academically Talented Youth Program, gives freshman Emerson Edwards more freedom in what classes she can take in the future. It provides them with...

A guide to sustainable fashion

A guide to sustainable fashion

Kendall Sloan, Instagram Team December 4, 2021

If you’ve ever done some back-to-school shopping or maybe you went on a little shopping spree, say at H&M,  Zara, GAP or maybe Pacsun, you will likely notice tons of new styles with fairly cheap...

After a long period of time spent online many people relied on social media. Fast forward a year and a half, and many people have continued these habits.

A “phone addicted” generation coming off the pandemic

Kendall Sloan, Instagram Team November 22, 2021

In the past, attitudes surrounding social media have consistently been, to “cut-down” or “reduce usage” in order to be more productive. However, the pandemic pushed this attitude completely out...

Students are working with the animals on Gull Meadow Farms. A student from the animals and plants EFE is trimming the hooves of a goat as Maddie Straton is restraining the animal.

Veterinary Science CTE students help give the animals at Gull Meadow Farms proper care

Abigayle Smith, Staff Writer November 18, 2021

Waking up early in the morning, heading off to a farm to work with animals instead of doing schoolwork is the dream of any student, but especially a dream for a veterinary science CTE student.  The...

Ethan Ramirez, a junior and Claire Goodwin-Kelly, a senior, were showing their freshman students around Loy Norrix High School during freshman orientation on August 29, 2021.

Link Crew is back in-person this year

Unique Payton, Staff Writer November 17, 2021

“The purpose of Link Crew is to welcome the incoming freshman class into the building and support them through their transition to high school,” said John Kreider, a former Link Crew advisor. Nathaniel...

Green Schools painted tiles in the A wing courtyard.

How the appearance of Loy Norrix affects its students

Gavin Moan, Staff Writer November 5, 2021

It’s been an empty and boring experience for students walking through the halls of Loy Norrix this year. With the lack of creativity, such as the artwork around the school and the boring beige walls,...

Senior Nolan Tribu (left) and senior Adam Ismaili-Alaoui (right) socialize on their lunch break in school. Ismaili works hard on an assignment while Tribu enjoys his lunch and chats.

Students’ return to school comes with social change and new perspectives

Owen Davis, Staff Writer November 3, 2021

During the late spring of the 2019-2020 school year, students received a ring on their home phones and notifications in their emails. The rapid spread of a new virus known as COVID-19 had caused schools...

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