The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

Then a junior, Nina Holm operates the pulleys in the flyspace during the 2022 production of Legally Blonde. Holm has been involved in theater at Norrix for two years, and this was one of many productions shes worked backstage on.

Loy Norrix senior learns essential leadership skills through theater

Bridgett Weber, Guest Writer June 5, 2024

Imagine a class of 30 high school students in an auditorium rushing to learn their dances, lines, places on stage and where props need to go all before opening night. During the chaos of it all, someone...

Freshman Grace Lovely watches the music video of her favorite song, Lana Del Rey’s Ride. Lana Del Rey is commonly seen as a comfort artist by her listeners.

Students use music to help through difficult experiences

Elwen Trost-Bailey, Guest Writer June 4, 2024

Your day has been exhaustingly long. You had to do the Pacer test in PE, you failed your math test terribly, you spent three hours taking that AP test you’ve studied all year for and you have a gut feeling...

“The Fall Guy” is a funny, action-packed tribute to stunt workers

“The Fall Guy” is a funny, action-packed tribute to stunt workers

Lexi Tuley, Graphics Editor May 23, 2024

Watching Bruce Willis fall down the side of a building in “Die Hard” or seeing Harrison Ford outrun yet another deadly trap in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” captures movie-goers' attention in a unique...

Annabelle Fuerst (left) and Payton Carter (right) performing at Old Dog Tavern while opening for the Corn Fed Girls.

Student musicians gain early experience in Kalamazoo and prepare themselves for future careers

Mallory Loken, Staff Writer May 23, 2024

In Kalamazoo, young musicians are opening for popular bands, performing every week and writing and producing music at a professional level. The surplus of bands in Kalamazoo composed of high school and...

Kalamazoo Central Improv Captain Chase Gheen thanks the crowd at the end of the show. The teams were met with erupting applause as they took their bows.

Loy Norrix and Kalamazoo Central improv teams combine forces in an outstanding show

Rosie Hill, Feature Editor May 15, 2024

Loy Norrix and Kalamazoo Central: the long-time school rivals of Kalamazoo. They have battled against each other in everything from sports to Forensics, but the two schools have finally come together to...

The Western Michigan University Dalton Center is being used for the Gilmore Piano Festival. Andentees shuffle around to find their seats before the show.

Performing on the ‘world’s stage,’ the 2024 Gilmore Piano Festival is looking sharp with over 100 musical events

Isabella Figueroa, Chief Copy Editor May 8, 2024

With over 100 musical events in a 19-day timeline, this festival seems like something you'd run into on your trip to Paris, but nope! It's right here in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Since 1989, the Irving S. Gilmore...

Kirsten Dunst (left) and Cailee Spaeny (right) are pictured during an intense scene in “Civil War”. Spaeny’s character, Jessie, is introduced to the front lines of the war for the first time and must overcome her fear to document the violence. 
Photo courtesy of Murray Close in Civil War.

Alex Garland’s “Civil War” is a striking reflection of American politics and a tribute to the influence of wartime journalism

Lucy Langerveld, Staff Writer May 7, 2024

“What kind of American are you?” asks a camouflage-clad militant, brandishing an automatic rifle and standing above a mass grave of civilian bodies. This interaction encapsulates the piercing tension...

Sophomore Z Freed conducts blood tests in science class.  Freed finds that doodling on herself or her papers for schools helps her to stay focused and understand the material better.

Teens use art to express their emotions and feelings

Faye Radley, Guest Writer April 15, 2024

It was the middle a weekend afternoon and Torin Radley, a teenage artist, was excited about making a new "Dungeons and Dragons" character. Radley started to draw the characters to try and relieve their...

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