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Kohler Briggs posing for the picture in the Loy Norrix band uniform

Loy Norrix senior achieves the All-State award for his trumpet playing

Annemarie Mansfield, Social Media Team February 8, 2021

“I knew Kohler would perform his best, and considering what a great musician he is, I was happy but not surprised,” band teacher Aaron Mirakovits said about his first ever All-State winning student.  Trumpet...

Wallis dedicates some of her senior photos to showcase her love and passion for music.

Music is a modern therapy for teens

Ellie Haase, Social Media Editor January 6, 2021

Music has been able to help guide teens through this hard stage in their life.  During quarantine, many people are dealing with mental health issues or just being sad and lonely because of the...

(Left to right) Elias Nagel-Bennett, playing Treville, inducts D'Artagnan played by Max Butkiewicz into the Musketeers. The production of the Three Musketeers depicted was in 2019, in which Nagel-Bennett played Treville along with the Duke of Buckingham, marking his most recent performance at the Kalamazoo Civic.

Loy Norrix junior is forced to cut acting career short due to COVID-19 conditions

Amady Mboup, Guest Writer December 16, 2020

“I just want to act,” said junior Elias Nagel-Bennett, when questioned on his feelings towards COVID-19 and the effects the virus has had on his career.  Nagel-Bennett has been acting in Kalamazoo’s...

Haase plays “Among Us” with his friends. He spends most of his days playing the game.

“Among Us”: easy to play and stay connected with others

Ellie Haase, Social Media Editor November 22, 2020

You’re sitting at home in August 2020 scrolling through the app store, trying to find a new game to occupy your time. School hasn’t started yet but you’re bored of the same games you’ve been playing...


Gen Z’s love / hate relationship with TikTok app

Meilie Diaz, Knights Speak Team November 21, 2020

“It can be a good and negative impact because you can take it either way and do anything you want with the app,” said Richard Esquivel. TikTok is an app where people are able to share and upload...

How Unus Annus changed my view on life

How Unus Annus changed my view on life

Kai Neve-Jones, Assistant Photo Editor November 12, 2020

Senior Katie Kutzko stands on an empty stage, looking out at the empty theatre. The lights are still on from the show, but without an audience the theater is silent.

Student performers miss connections and time to perfect craft during the COVID-19 restrictions on theatres

Melissa Preston, Chief Copy Editor November 11, 2020

“I’ve met some of my best friends in acting, but those opportunities just don’t exist without theatre the way it was,” Loy Norrix junior Elias Nagel-Bennett said. On March 12, 2020, Broadway...

Learn more about the world we live in: The best documentaries on Netflix right now

Learn more about the world we live in: The best documentaries on Netflix right now

Clara Moss, Social Media Editor November 3, 2020

With the amount of time spent in school and on homework increasing, reading a book or articles can take too much brain power. Documentaries, however, are a more relaxed way to learn about the world around...

David Byrne finds a great way to be gray in “American Utopia”

David Byrne finds a great way to be gray in “American Utopia”

Elliot Russell, Editor-in-Chief October 31, 2020

The glint of shimmering silver chains, draped like curtains, set the boundaries of this world. The moment is occupied solely by a ghastly, white-haired figure donning a gray suit. He sits contemplatively...

Moore enjoys time outside during quarantine, a nice change from her time in her room on social media.

Social media helped teens stay sane during the state-mandated lockdown

Ellie Haase, Social Media Editor October 24, 2020

This has no doubt been one the craziest years many of us have experienced. With schools being shut down in March, students worldwide were unsure of how to cope with the number of things they were missing...

The movie rundown you didn’t know you needed

The movie rundown you didn’t know you needed

Gigi Fox, Opinion/Sports Editor June 13, 2020

If you're anything like me, these past few months have been filled with sleeping, eating, and endless movie watching. This time off can seem long-drawn and boring if you don't have things to do to ease...

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