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  1. I believe this article shows the importance of hallway regulations. In my opinion, any Staff member here at Norrix who sees this would understand we need change. This article includes many details and facts that seem to be plausible. I hope that this article can cause a change in the near future. This seems to be a problem that needs to be addressed.


  2. Dear Editor,
    I find that the article “Loy Norrix Student Government Helpful and Accessible” by. Sara Sherman is very helpful. This article I feel should be read by anyone who is looking to run for office because it could help them see better what it is about and what it is like. I like that the article contains quotes from real people who are part of our schools government, they really know what they are talking about because they are all apart of it. The article squashes any stereotypes about school government that are put into our heads by television shows and movies. I think that by reading this article it has helped me out with deciding weather or not I would like to run for school government.
    Margarette Danver


  3. Dear Editor,
    I just read the article “School dances:the good and the bad”, and i must say, i agree with what some of the students are saying about how it could have been better. I mean, at the homecoming, i could barley hear the music, and us students couldnt even dance with each other without getting pryed off of one another. I am a freshman, and all i am saying is that it would have made the experience a little better if we were allowed to express ourselfs while we dance. After all, there is only one homecomming a year, why not go all out? Also, the theme of the homecoming was “get your glow on”, but the only thing following and representing the theme, was the glow sticks, Over all, the homecoming was not half bad, regardless to the music and decorations, we all got together and had a great time.


  4. I really liked the article about homecoming. I definetely agreed with it, because having it after the game would make a lot more sense, and campaigning can be done by anyone.


  5. Dear Editor,
    School there sounds different. Having to go to school that long in the day must make eveyone tired and sluggish. Who’s choice was it for you to go to a Catholic school? But recess sounds like a new thing to have during school that is not an elementary school.

    For: Going to School in Ecuador


  6. Dear Editor

    I like the artical “Goverment Helpfull and Accessible” by Sara Sherman because it is telling us how we can be a part of the choices this school makes.How we can help out and what the student goverment is really about.It does not matter who you hang out with or what you look like as long as you want to help out the school.There are many groups and clubs in this school and you could be anyone and be in one as long as you want to be where you are.


  7. Dear Editor of Knight Life,

    I really like your articles on Knight Life News. I give your reporters props, because I know they work hard for all the effort they put into it. They should be proud of themselves! Although, there were some articles that weren’t really that intresting. It’d be cool if there were more articles about people and their situations. Like their situations of life that they’re going through or have been through. I think it’d be more intruging. For instance, the article “Two is better than one” caught my attention. It talked about two specific girls here at Loy Norrix. Stereotyping humans, twins usually don’t get along after years. But those two are like inseperable, and shows that siblings can be really close in REAL LIFE. I like Knight Life News, I could read these articles all day!(:

    Jasmine VanLoo
    9th Grade


  8. Dear Editor of Knight Life,

    I read your article about the homecomuing dance. I feel like you had a good source! I say this because you had people who had some good points. For instance, when someone said that the music was dated and the security guards got in our way alot when we were trying to dance! I feel like that way the best and the most true statement because that was exactly how i felt. So keep up the good job!

    Taylor Timmerman
    9th grade


  9. Dear editor
    as a student of loy norrix high school i would like to tell you that most of these reports that they are writing about are dull and boring. Also that they make my mind numb everytime i read them. Some suggestions are that you spice them up by using better words and by doing them on more fun stories.
    from one of your readers
    Daniel Nordmark.


  10. Dear Editor,
    I think it is very congested in the hallways. I came from maple street and I do walk on the right side of the hall like your supposed to and it is very frustrating whenever you got some people who walk the opposite way on the right side of the hall. You would think they would know that they’re going the wrong way, seeing that everybody else on that side is walking the other way. It is just common sense.
    This was a very interesting article to me because that is the only thing I do not like about Norrix is all the people in the hall ways at one time. Maybe they should switch passing times for juniors and seniors like a minute later so it gives more room to get to class faster for everybody. And another thing what would also loosing things up would be that if people would stop just standing on the side of the hall because that also takes up a lot of room.


  11. After reading the article “Crowded Hallways During Pasing Time.” I agree with some of the things said and I also disagree with some of the things that were said. One I totally agree with is that the hallways are a mess during passing time and it always does seem to be everyone going one way, then a handful of people trying to go the other. The line about the tape lines like at Maple Street would be a good idea, I went to Maple so I would know. But I don’t think it is necessary. If you are coming from the K wing going to the B Wing, if you cut through the C Wing you can avoid the main hallway drama very easily. Alss about the bit put in the article about the doors in the C and K Wings never being open, I would have to disagree. I have a class in the C Wing and used to have a class in the K Wing and the doors for those rooms were always open. So maybe it is just the teacher, but I have never encountered a class where you have to open the door everyday besides 1st block becasue I am one of the first people in the classroom.


  12. Hi, I read “crowded halways during passing time” and there were a couple of things I don’t agree with. Putting tape down on the floors wouldn’t be very drastic. It’s just tape, how ever I don’t think it would make much of a difference. It’s already just common curtacy to walk on the right side of the hall, and a line showing where the middle of the hallway is wouldn’t make that more prominent. I do agree how ever, that keeping doors open would help. There’s no reason for them not to be kept open. Keep up the good work


  13. Dear Editor,

    I think that the courtyards do need some work. I like the idea of having courtyards at this school because nature is very pretty and it’s nice to look at something once in a while. I never knew that the other school didn’t have windows. Is it like jail?

    The courtyards have been looking a little shabby even though im only a freshman I do know what looks shabby and what doesn’t. Maybe one day Norrix can get somebody to do some work like gardening! It would be nice to have a bunch of pretty flowers everywhere.

    The sculpture in one of the courtyards is really colorful and nice. It reminds me of dreaming. I really like how this school has soul and art and it isn’t dull and boring. Nature is apart of this school it seems!!


  14. I read the article “Homecoming Now and Then” By SynQuissa Morris. I think this was an interesting article. I believe that when you are running to be on court at Homecoming, it shouldn’t be about who brought cookies, or who made the best looking posters. Homecoming should be be the way it used to be, when it was about who was the most popular. These days if yu win homecoming king or queen, your cookies taste the best. Thats not what homecoming is sappose to be about. So i agree with this article, maybe next year things will be different.

    Sincerely, Loy Norrix student, Taylor Wade


  15. Dear Editor,
    I really like the School Dances:The good and Bad. It has information that students would want to hear and can relate to. I also like how the author asked for student opinion. The information was up to date and the author kind of based it on what the students said. Anyway, it was an interesting article to see what different students said about it.


  16. Dear Editor,
    Reading about the hallway congestion in our schools brings back memories. This topic is very true considering the hallway connecting the B wing and Main hallway has been packed most of the time since the beginning of this year. Has anyone spoken to the schools principles? There is a problem and I am happy that someone is speaking up.

    Druanna Darling


  17. Hi my name is Joe and I’m a freshman at Loy Norrix. I read the article about how the courtyards here are overgrown. I agree with the fact that they are a jungle and probably have prehistoric animals somewhere in them. Our neighbor went to Loy Norrix back in the 80s and she said they were really nice and well maintained. She cant belive how bad they are now.
    I would like to be able to use the courtyards for lunch because normally I dont go outside from 7:35 to 2:20. Some fresh air would make me work better during the day.


  18. Hi my name is Sean I read the article “Crowded Hallways During Passing Time” and i have to say “Wow”, im a fresh men comeing from Maple Street and i have to say it is a big diffrence i have had friends and random people I dont even know grabing my pack and saying “charge” threw every body. It gets annoying some times to have to get threw 1,000s of students evry day.


  19. Dear editor,
    I have read a few atricles and they are not very interesting to me. I think the writers should be more specific and give exciting details about the subjects. Nobody will want to read these articles if they dont get more intesting and fun to read! I agree with some articles like the hallways are very crowded and it takes a while for people to get through them but the articles are still boring to me.
    ~Cortny Lemley!


  20. hello,
    My name is Tyler, I am a new freshman at Loy Norrix high school. I agree with what you said about the halls being packed all the time. One thing that I thought would make this article more accurate would be if you told the readers the feeling of the students. Weather it is them being upset, or them sad, they are late to class. Other than the lack of detail on that one part of your article it was a well writen paper.


  21. Dear editor
    I think the stories are good but very boring and dull. As a Loy Norrix student i would like to read a interesting, eye catching story i think other people could agree. We need excitiement. So take this into consideration and make the students of Loy Norrix high school proud

    Zacara Savage


  22. Dear editor
    I can strongly say I know what you mean. I’m VERY short so it adds that much more struggle to get from class to class on time. It is simple to walk on the right and we shouldn’t have rules telling us, we should just know. I personally hate when people stand in the hall and just talk but I know I do it all the time. I think it’s just something we all need to be more conscious of. It will take some time but in sure we will get it.
    Electra R. Brown


  23. Dear Editor,
    I am writing about the article on the Hallways. I have to disagree with the blue tape on the floor because I went to Maple and did not like it at all. Also, it is hard to enforce walking on the right side of the hall. The other thing is that most people don’t want to follow these rules. I know that I hardly walked on the right side on the hallway at maple and it is a much smaller school, except when they told me to. However, I do agree with having both doors open to the different wings. I always seem to be trying to go through the doors when other people are coming the other way. Lucky me. This way people could come from both directions and still get through the doors.
    Paige Blinkiewicz


  24. Dear Editor of “Knights Life”,
    I’ve read “School Dances: The Good and The Bad” by Ray’Von Jones and thought that it was well crafted. But there was somethings that should be corrected. One he should of interviewed Freashmans instead of Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. Aslo I thought he should of went in more depth about the Djing and how the Dj should play better songs. keep up with the good work.

    Dominique Jones


  25. Dear Editor,
    I am writing about the homecoming dance. I agree that the dance was fun, but the music could have been better. They played a lot of the songs multiple times. Also, the chaperones shouldn’t have bothered the students as much, and just watched over us, from a distance. Other then that the dance was a lot of fun.
    Jenna Nizzardini


  26. Dear Editor,

    I am trying to locate an article from your archives back to 1977. The school paper had a picture of the commissioner’s. Could you please assist me with locating that article?



  27. Dear Knight Life staff and advisories,
    A recent event connected to Loy Norrix High School has taken a considerable toll on the student and local community.
    The Death of Carl Bragg should not be something only spoken amongst friends when personally reminiscing. When life changing events occur at a student level, especially when a student commits an act such as taking their own life, it should be reported. Just so I was sure that it wasn’t reported on, I scoured your website and you recent issue looking for anything pertaining to Carl or anything even nearly close. All I found was articles about spaghetti and Valentine’s Day, slippery steps, two articles about video games, and literature. All of which were released weeks prior to Carl’s passing.
    Before I get ahead of myself I do mean to mention the article titled, “Suicide: Addressed at Death” written by Clayton Barker, one of your journalists. Reading this article’s title left me hoping that the staff has decided to try and affect the social elephant unlike the rest of the school, but I was sadly disappointed. I know that his article is an opinion column but any publically stated opinion needs to provide real solutions to real situations. Your journalist goes on to speak that one should try and “feel” the meaning of suicide, and even goes as far as to assume his audience has dealt with suicide before. To finish off the article your journalist not only states that he’s finishing up his opinion, he tries to bring up how we should stop bullying, one of many factors to suicide, but brings no solution to the problem. Not only did this article talk about the subject of suicide and provided no real substance for readers to go on, it tip-toed around Carl’s death. Ironically enough this article even says we shouldn’t turn our minds away from suicide, but to merely address suicide face to face. Yet this newspaper just threw away the opportunity to live by example!
    I apologize if you feel I’m bashing your journalist but I’m bashing you as an organization; not only as so called journalists but as humans with a consciousness. Apparently the front cover of the Loy Norrix paper needed to talk about how the steps to the tower in the morning can be difficult to maneuver around than to talk about how the high school has taken a loss to its student body. This isn’t a student paper if even the students don’t care about the students. Writing an article about Carl would probably ease more kinks in our students brain then just articles about how video games could potentially be harmful; a cliché debate. It’s not about the news coverage, it’s about making it known that there is a serious issue that students need help understanding or even help with. Giving a number to call that was given no explanation of whose on the other end to help is just lazy. But say you wrote an article, or even several articles, it would let the administrators know that there’s something to be done.
    Knight Life you aren’t the only ones at fault. I wrote and delivered this letter to hopefully bring change. Carl Bragg can’t speak for himself anymore, nor did he speak for himself when he was alive. Immortalize his existence by acknowledging what his death in hopes to even have those who are struggling with interpersonal thoughts to come out to speak upon it.
    Your words are powerful KL, choose them wisely.

    A Scholar

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