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Help From Trump

Help From Trump

Rayna Sorrentino, Guest Artist

February 6, 2020

Amazon’s New Headquarters Should be Built in Detroit

Amazon’s New Headquarters Should be Built in Detroit

Riley Dominianni, Feature Editor

May 4, 2019

“Today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers & their neighbors defeated Amazon’s corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world.” In February, New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released this statement in response to her suc...

Detroit Red Wings Host High School Media Day for Journalism Students

The group of high school journalists pose for a final picture of the day. Photo Credit / Brian Woodworth

Abby Farrer

April 17, 2017

A small room at Joe Louis Arena (The Joe) was filled with journalism students from all over Michigan who came for the annual high school media day. The students waited for the first panelists of Detroit High School Media Day: Justin Rose, WXYZ-TV sports reporter, Michael Caples, Michigan Hockey editor ...

Chance the Rapper Makes History at the 2017 Grammys

Chance the Rapper performs at his concert in Detroit, MI on September 25, 2016. This concert was part of his Magnificent Coloring World Tour. Photo Credit / Bailey Handley

Bailey Handley

March 3, 2017

On the night of the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, the energetic and jubilant Chance the Rapper made history. He brought home three Grammy awards, becoming the first artist in Grammy history to win an award without selling any of his music. Chance gives all of his music out for free because he feels he is a...

Love and Football: Michael Sam's Publicly Personal Life

by Maxwell Evans


February 24, 2014

Imagine: It’s the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl XLIX between, and let’s really pretend here, the Detroit Lions and the Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning and the Broncos are driving, about to win the game, until a Detroit rookie linebacker gets an interception to end it. The Lions win, the Detroit crowd goes...

Twelve Years Running – A Girl’s Love of Soccer

Twelve Years Running - A Girl's Love of Soccer


November 15, 2013

"It's kind of like a drug, it gets really addictive. When I'm on the field and I'm scoring, it just feels so great, and I don't want that feeling to end. I just can't get enough," said sophomore Julie Zabik. For Zabik, there is no other life than soccer. The adrenaline, the teamwork and the overall e...

Flashback Friday: The Marshall Mathers LP

Flashback Friday: The Marshall Mathers LP


November 8, 2013

Eminem's long career as, lets face it, the only relevant white rapper of his time, has not come without missteps. In this writer's humble opinion, one of these missteps is the recently-released "The Marshall Mathers LP 2," which features endless screaming over 1986-inspired beats. However, for there to be a "2",...

Jim Leyland Steps Down

Jim Leyland Steps Down


November 5, 2013

Three Things the Tigers Need In their New Manager As Shane Victorino prances around the bases in Fenway Park, all Tigers fans can do is shake their head in disbelief. He just made one of the biggest hits of his career, a towering fly ball over the green monster of Fenway Park to put the Sox ahead...

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