The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

A sold out crowd of 110,000 cheers on a 30-24 win against Ohio State.

University of Michigan football fans rejoice with the 2023-2024 college football season coming to a close

Alexander Houslander, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 7, 2024

 “It's hard to describe,” art teacher Gregory Stevens said. “I’m 42 years old and it feels like I accomplished something. Seeing them win their last National Championship in '97, and then it’s...

Wordle is released at 12 a.m. every day according to your timezone.

‘New York Times’ games ranked most entertaining

Lucy Langerveld, Staff Writer January 30, 2024

8: Letter Boxed  One of the more challenging games in the spelling-sphere, Letter Boxed requires the player to create five words using twelve letters placed around a square. The last letter of your...

Senior Kate Suarez and sophomore Alaina Suarez work on the puzzle together. The puzzle can be worked on in the morning, during all lunch periods, or any school hours when the library is open.

New communal puzzle in the library allows students and staff to build connections with each other

Lucy Langerveld, Staff Writer January 9, 2024

As you wait in line to scan your I.D. to enter the library, you absentmindedly fit in a piece of the jigsaw puzzle scattered on a table. One piece becomes two, and before you know it, you’re absorbed...

In the original photo of A21 at the end of the 2023 school year all the students had their phones out and were distracted from their work, 5 months later with the new procedure these students have their phones off and are putting on their finishing touches before turning in their art project

Students respond in an unexpected way as teachers and staff rave about cell phone procedure results

Alexander Houslander, Arts and Entertainment Editor October 27, 2023

Changing the cell phone procedure for the 2023-2024 school year is a bigger shift in pace of anything we’ve seen at Norrix in a long time. At the end of the 2023-2024 school year, Loy Norrix High...

Amelia Wood conducts a welcome meeting with the new improv members. Wood asks everyone to introduce themselves.

A decade of stage performance leads senior Amelia Wood to captain improv team

Sophia Wrzesinski, Assistant Graphics Editor September 22, 2023

Children crowd around the wings of the stage dressed in costume and face makeup, awaiting their cue. They chat and giggle together, forgetting how much noise they’re making. Amelia wasn’t merely performing...

Students use their phones during instructional time in class.

A new cell phone procedure is on the horizon for the 23-24 school year and it could be a great change of pace for learning in the classroom

Alex Houslander June 7, 2023

When you walk into a classroom at Loy Norrix High School, no matter the teacher's personal procedure, there’s phones out everywhere, at all times of the school day. Whether teachers are willing to let...

Through hardship, 15-year-old Afghani refugee has found strength

Josephine Velo, Executive Director June 2, 2023

Editor's note: The name of the student in the following story was changed due to the sensitive nature of the topic. One of the largest locations for receiving unaccompanied refugee minors is West Michigan,...

Knight Life Life: Yearbook vs. Knight Life Kickball Game

Wolfgang Madonia, Arts and Entertainment Editor/Social Media Team June 2, 2023

“John Wick 4” is a perfect finale to an incredible quadrilogy

“John Wick 4” is a perfect finale to an incredible quadrilogy

Alex Houslander May 31, 2023

The John Wick films are bloody, non-stop action-packed movies to come out over the past decade. This series screams Keanu Reeves, and he absolutely rocks the role as John Wick.  The series starts with...

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