The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The teen room in the central KPL location has video game consoles, teen books, board games, and a wellness locker. The wellness locker has supplies for teenagers like sanitary products and other resources.

Kalamazoo Public Libraries provide vital resources for teens

Rosie Hill, Feature Editor January 19, 2024

In an age where safe places to spend time without spending money have become increasingly scarce, public libraries offer a rare glimmer of hope. They are a space free of advertisements, judgments, rigid...

Senior Kate Suarez and sophomore Alaina Suarez work on the puzzle together. The puzzle can be worked on in the morning, during all lunch periods, or any school hours when the library is open.

New communal puzzle in the library allows students and staff to build connections with each other

Lucy Langerveld, Staff Writer January 9, 2024

As you wait in line to scan your I.D. to enter the library, you absentmindedly fit in a piece of the jigsaw puzzle scattered on a table. One piece becomes two, and before you know it, you’re absorbed...

Michele Coash and Skylar Lewis greet students at the front desk of the library. This is their first year at the Loy Norrix library.

New staff and new ideas arrive at the Loy Norrix library

Skylar Zajac, Web Editor September 29, 2023

Stepping into the library this year, many returning Loy Norrix students likely noticed something different.  They may have noticed a few reorganized shelves or perhaps the addition of a jigsaw puzzle...

Librarian John Krieder re-shelves books after they are returned. This is part of Krieders tasks as the Norrix librarian.

Norrix’s Farnsworth Library is a safe space and rare commodity

Madison McNeil, Guest Writer March 7, 2023

When walking into Loy Norrix library you are greeted by the calming atmosphere of other students quietly typing on chromebooks and reading and a friendly staff. It truly feels like a place you can sit...

Librarian John Kreider checks in a recently returned book from a freshman student. This is Kreiders first year hosting Banned Books Week for Loy Norrix High School.

Teachers share thoughts on Banned Books Week

Hollis Masterson, Staff Writer October 19, 2021

"Banned Books Week is a big holiday for librarians celebrating the right to read, and I've never done anything for it in here mostly because it's the beginning of the year and I'm getting things started,"...

On the left, Mara Vander Beek reading Pippi Longstocking in 2012. On the right, Vander Beek reading her history textbook in 2020.

High school students have stopped reading for pleasure

Clara Moss, Social Media Editor November 24, 2020

During Book Fair week in elementary school, the halls would be abuzz with excitement as fifth graders showed each other the books they wanted and third graders pulled their parents around the shelves set...

Loy Norrixs Library gets a facelift

Loy Norrix’s Library gets a facelift

Lilly MacInnis, Photo Editor/Social Media Team November 19, 2019

Locked Doors, Locked Minds: Restricting School Library Access Shouldn’t Be Allowed

Locked Doors, Locked Minds: Restricting School Library Access Shouldn’t Be Allowed

April 26, 2019

By Claire Beougher The doors of the school library should never be closed to students, no matter what the reason. We’ve all seen the signs hanging on the library doors at Loy Norrix saying, “The library...

Use the Other Door

Use the Other Door

February 28, 2018

Artist: Evie Bartley

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