Two is Better Than One

Seniors, Kaila and Karra Larkins walk the hallways of Loy Norrix.
By Miki Patel

When we think about twins, we usually assume that they fight often while growing up at the same time. There might be those times when twins wish they weren’t a twin or times when they might wonder about the sins they have committed that god punished them with a twin.

Most people are left wondering about how cool it would be to have a twin, but twins on the other hand, might not be so happy to be a multiple. However, this is not the case with seniors Kaila and Karra Larkins. Not only do they act like sisters, they also act like best friends.

“I think my life would be boring without a twin because my other siblings are so much older than me and we are just in different generations,” said Kaila Larkins.

The Larkins do practically everything together. They are both part of the National Honor Society and Peace Jam in school. Among other things, they watch television, go to the movies, go to football games and play games together. They’re with each other the entire day and like to hang out.

The Larkins share a bedroom. One would probably assume that twins sharing a room can cause conflicts but the Larkins rarely fight and when they do, it doesn’t last long.

“We fight over petty stuff, but after five minutes, we’re over it,” said Karra Larkins.

Twins can be difficult to raise, but the main problem with raising twins is that they may not get along. The Larkins, with their sisterly love and best friend attitude, are the twins that every parent of multiples wishes for.