Anticipation of the First Day of School


By Veronica Olan

The first week of school is over and surely many are relieved. So, how did some people prepare for the first few days? The first day of school and second full day are an essential part of coming back to a new school year.

On the first day of school, students may have felt a little nervous or anxious because they are anticipating who will be in their classes. Will it be fun, will the class be the one they want, etc. However, the first day is only a half day and students don’t get to experience the full view in finding out which time lunch will be, who will be in lunch with you, and getting a better idea of how this year might go.

Quentin Bryant, a current senior this year believes lunch is a good part of school. The lunches are helpful for students who can’t bring their own lunches and students get to look forward to eating. The lunches may be provided, but you also feel the anticipation of wanting your friends to be in your lunch hour.

“It is really boring, but I don’t really want to sit by myself. I got to meet new people,” said Bryant.

When anticipating lunches and classes, you also need to prepare. Some prepare by getting new supplies such as pens, pencils, and notebooks. Many also get new clothes. Do you wear new clothes during the first day or not? Some want to be chill and some want to look their best.

“I didn’t want to wear good stuff. It was way too early after summer for all that,” said Bryant.

Senior Marguerite Hartness, thought the first days of school are essential.

“For new people it’s a new start, it’s how you get familiar with your school,” said Hartness.

The first few days are essential for incoming freshman and new students especially because they are new to the school and it’s their first impressions. Students who are new don’t really know what to expect because it’s their first time here. They are probably anticipating the same things as others, who will be in their classes, who will be in their lunch, etc.

So, what were your anticipations for a new school year? Comment on this article with your opinions.