Loy Norrix Students Experience On-Site Admissions


By Ray’Von Jones

Senior Sofia Parker waits for her Western Michigan University on-site admissions appointment. Parker also plans on applying to Michigan State University. MSU will also be holding on-site admissions at Loy Norrix on November 3rd. Photo by Leah Rathbun.

The college application process is definitely not a “cake walk.” The logistics of this process cause a great amount of stress for high school seniors. Yet, for some seniors, waiting for a college’s decision can be even more stressful than the actual application itself.

On-site admissions involve college representatives traveling to schools to render decisions in person. At on-site, students are told whether they have been accepted, deferred, or declined. Western Michigan University held its Loy Norrix on-site admissions on Wednesday, October 26, in the guidance office. Michigan State University will conduct theirs on Wednesday, November 2.

Senior Brenden Groggel participated in Western Michigan University’s on-site admissions and enjoyed the experience.
“It was great to actually speak with a representative,” said Groggel. “When I found out that I got accepted, I was excited. It was a relieving feeling to have one college acceptance out of the way.”

There are many advantages to on-site admissions. One of these advantages is that students receive their decisions quickly. Senior Joahnna Castillo received acceptance into Western Michigan University on October 26, and stated that college representatives at on-site admissions give advice along with their decisions.

“I was told that I got accepted and [the representative] suggested that I retake the ACT for scholarship purposes,” said Castillo, who also plans to participate Michigan State University’s on-site admissions.

Castillo believes that on-site admissions offer many advantages to high school seniors.

“You get to find out early, so that if you aren’t accepted, you can look at other schools and work toward getting accepted, because you’ll know what [colleges] are looking for,” said Castillo.
Students do a number of things to prepare for on-site admissions. Senior Sam Caramagno plans to participate in Michigan State University’s on-site admissions.
“I plan to dress respectfully and make sure that my application materials have been submitted,” said Caramagno, “It is also important to be confident and have a good attitude.”

Overall, on-site admissions can be very beneficial.

“On-site admissions give [students] the experience of the initial step of the college experience. They make students realize that they are close to the end of their high school careers,” said Lori Talbott, guidance office secretary.

Loy Norrix students are experiencing the benefits of on-site admission, and a number of students received acceptance at Western Michigan University’s on-site admissions on October 26.