Students Spend Lunch Time Outside the Cafeteria


By Adam Kemp

Seniors eat in the senior courtyard during first lunch. The courtyard opened last week due to the warmer weather. Photo by Leah Rathbun.

Lunch is a magical time of day for some of us here at Loy Norrix. It is thirty minutes of bliss in a student’s day; a chance to stop thinking about class and relax, or have fun and talk to friends. But that magic can be ruined in the wrong environment.

The Loy Norrix cafeteria, for instance is very loud. It’s a fun and lively place for most people because they get to talk with their friends, but some prefer a more laid-back dining environment.

Senior Alfonso Hernandez said, “I don’t like the cafeteria food or the people.”

Students have many other choices on how to spend their lunches at Loy Norrix, especially during spring.

Hernandez and senior Mikayla Brown now spend their lunches out in the senior courtyard, along with a number of seniors and a few sneaky, unwanted juniors. Brown said she likes to eat outside, “To get away from the freshmen, and because it’s really nice out.”

Senior Dakota Dunn spends his lunchtimes in the library nearly every day, taking the time to relax or do a little homework.

Dunn said, “I prefer the silence. The cafeteria’s just loud and I don’t eat the cafeteria food, so I’d rather spend the time peacefully.”

Junior Nils Miron agrees with Hernandez and Dunn that the cafeteria is unpleasant because it is too loud. He spends his lunches in government teacher Art Williams’ classroom.

Miron said, “Usually I just eat lunch and sometimes I study and do homework, and talk with my friends. Sometimes we’ll talk about current events or politics with Mr. Williams.”