The Majority of Loy Norrix Students Prefer Spotify Over Apple Music

Audreanna Dunton, Assistant Business Manager

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Survey of the preference between Apple Music or Spotify conducted on 104 students at Loy Norrix. Graphic Credit, Audreanna Dunton

Music lovers nowadays enjoy the freedom of skipping as many songs as they please, having unlimited listening time, and having access to any music they would like to listen to. However, there has been a huge debate as to which is better, the streaming app “Spotify” or the streaming service “Apple Music.”
In other terms, which one is more worthy of your money. Both music services offer certain upgrades and packages that are unique to each brand.
Spotify is a free app to download, but it offers users a Premium option that costs $9.99 per month. Without Premium, listeners are subjected to advertisements every few songs, and mobile devices only allow music to be played on shuffle with a limited number of skips. Premium includes unlimited skipping of songs, access to any song or podcast and the ability to save songs into personalized playlists of your choice. You have the ability to download any song or podcast of your choice to listen to offline, with no complications involved.
Apple Music, on the other hand, offers a variety of different plans aiming to suit every user’s life. For a general single user, they will pay $9.99 per month. For a family plan, users will pay $14.99 per month. Apple Music also offers a student plan, which costs student users only $4.99 per month. Apple Music just recently added the option of being able to make one annual down payment of $99 for a 12-month subscription.
Apple Music requires a paid package in order to begin using their service; however, Spotify has two options: 1) listen for free, but with restrictions, or 2) purchase a Premium package, with no restrictions.
Spotify and Apple Music both are widely used within the Loy Norrix community.
“I prefer Spotify because it creates a playlist for me every day called ‘Daily Mix.’ It basically has songs I never listen to on a daily [basis], mixed with some songs I never heard before but that I might like,” said senior Richie Sackett.
There is a wide variety of students who prefer one music service over the other. Spotify and Apple Music both create and give users the ability to discover new music varieties. Both streaming services give users many options with what to listen to due to the many different  personalized and unique playlists made for each user daily.
“I have Apple Music because I’ve pretty much grown up on Apple products and never really ventured out into Spotify. I feel like they are pretty much the same, but Apple Music just holds a special place in my heart. I don’t care about all the statistics Spotify provides, I just listen to my music and don’t care too much about it,” said junior Jake Vanhorne.
Throughout the Loy Norrix population, 104 students were surveyed. Students from each grade level were interviewed.
Regardless of the streaming service, students use listening to music in school for a wide variety of things, such as reducing stress levels and focusing.
Overall, both music services offer specific pros and cons which make them unique to each service.