Students Respond to Education Budget Cuts

Dear Editor,

In the article you wrote, titled “President Trump Proposes Cuts to the Education Budget,” I found the entire article very interesting. You mention that there will be funding for Title I, which provides support for schools with a greater percentage of low-income attending students. You also mention that funding for teacher job training will be present, albeit smaller than it has been in past years.

In my understanding, these two things conflict greatly. The schools which would make use of the new Title I funding may then have to use that money on teacher job training and improvement. This, to a degree, defeats the purpose of the Title I funding, considering that teachers are a vital part of education in general. If the fiscal budget is approved as it currently stands, this could pose an issue for schools who may not receive as much funding due to low property taxes, as well as schools that have a high percentage of schools with a 504 or IEP plan, since those take a great deal more money to act upon than providing for the average student.

Colin Carnell, junior

Dear Editor,

I read “President Trump Proposes Cuts to the Education Budget” and I thought that was not okay what he was planning to do because a lot students benefit from the education budget, and the teachers do too. If he gets his budget cut, a lot of students won’t be able to got to college.

Steven Olson, junior