2022 Executive Board overcomes challenges to plan Homecoming


Credit: Brandi-Rose Phiri

Sophomores Jayda Smith, Chanel Wilson, and Anthony Porco all work to build candy bags. Creating the candy bags and selling them at lunches were an idea created by Wilson to raise money for homecoming.

Brandi-Rose Phiri, Business Manager

Throughout the year there are fun school events and dances that take place. All the details are carefully planned out, and usually the event runs smoothly. The people who plan and fundraise for these events are the students in the executive boards. 

The latest event coming up is homecoming, and this year the 2022 executive board is in charge of the planning. Executive boards are committees that plan school events, fundraise for them and get the word out to the students so they have all the information that they need. Loy Norrix has an executive board for every class and all the boards have specific things that they are assigned to do for their class and the school.

Last year there wasn’t a 2022 executive board because there was nobody to advise it.  Reading teacher Trisha Fires took over the 2022 executive board this year and had the big job of trying to help the kids get organized enough to figure out how to plan an event like this. She wanted to advise the board even though she had never done it before because she felt like nobody was stepping up. She wanted to help make sure the 2022 executive board was set up and get the students to find out what they have to do for the executive board, so when they had bigger events they would know what steps they had to take to make that event run smoothly. 

“I really enjoy watching the students plan stuff and interact with each other. It’s sophomore’s responsibility to make homecoming work, and it’s gonna happen; we will pull it together,” Fires said. 

At the beginning of this year, there was the first 2022 executive board meeting for the sophomores joining the executive board and they were in charge of planning homecoming. Most of the students were excited to take on this big job, but they were also a little nervous and worried that they didn’t have enough time. 

The students really worked hard to generate ideas in the first meeting about things like how the tickets, dance, and posters would be decorated. They also figured out how they should get the information out to the freshmen so they would know about homecoming. One member, Chanel Wilson, enjoys being behind the scenes of it all and having control of how the dances are gonna turn out. 

“I feel like the  executive board has some great ideas for raising money. The hard part is getting people to contribute and the short notice that we have been given,” said Wilson.

The students are really trying to pull the homecoming together the best that they can. The students also had to find creative ways to fundraise for the event. As a team of ten, they came up with a variety of different things to do to fundraise. Some were normal fundraisers like selling popcorn or pizza for a variety of different companies. Then they decided to buy a variety of different candy and snacks and bag them to sell to the students. 

One member of the 2022 executive board, Sophie Talo, enjoys executive board and thinks that it’s a lot of fun, but she thinks that it can be hectic sometimes because everything in the meeting is fast-paced and plans have to be pulled together as soon as they come up with the idea.

“Because we didn’t have an executive board last year, we got handed the job to raise money for our account. I’d say it’s a lot of fun too because you get to meet other people in your grade and have fun and raise money,” said Talo.