California Athletes can now get paid


Credit: Picasa

Lucas Figueroa, Assistant Photo Editor

California Governor, Gavin Newsom has recently passed a bill so starting in 2023 college athletes can get paid from YouTube, sales of their own jerseys, they can hire a manager, and make money across social media platforms.

The NCAA has fought long and hard to keep the system consistent in the way that it emphasizes the difference between professional and amateur football. However, with the rise in college athletes’ ability to share their opinions on whether or not they should be paid through social media, their voices have become louder and more well-spread, and their voice has been heard. 

The passing of this bill is causing a lot of confusion between the NCAA and the state of California because the new bill counteracts the NCAA’s rules stating collegiate athletes cannot make money off of their sport because all money is distributed to the schools. 

US Representative and former Ohio State football player, Anthony Gonzalez said, “I don’t think you have three years to figure this out. I think decisions will start happening immediately. 

So the athletes do not need to wait until 2023 for the newfound laws to take effect.

Amongst the fanbase of the NCAA, there have been many different viewpoints on whether or not these athletes should get paid. 

Loy Norrix Junior Jonah Haulenbeek said, “I believe that college athletes should be paid because the players do not have time to get a job because they are always practicing so they aren’t able to make a self-sustaining salary.” 

This is why there are ex-college athletes who have quit their sport to find new careers such as YouTuber Donald de la Hayeand Gretchen Gerhaty. Athletes from all sports can make their own living from social media. Only the biggest and most talked about athletes will make money from jersey sales.

However not everyone agrees with this view.

Senior Reed Crocker said, “I think college athletes shouldn’t get paid because they get scholarships that admitted them into the organization and gives them other benefits besides money.”  

According to the NCAA athletes receive academic services, giving them state-of-the- art equipment. The NCAA also helps with financial assistance; for instance, if the athlete has a sick family member and needs to fly back home, the NCAA will provide that athlete with that plane ticket.

From the perspective of an athlete there are many reasons why it may seem like getting paid is a better option. There is more to come on the effects from California bill allowing collegiate athletes to earn a sustaining salary.