Loy Norrix Varsity Men’s Basketball team loses to St. Joseph after a tough game


Credit: Colin Carnell

Varsity basketball player and senior Joshua Mabon Cooks recovers the ball and scores in the second quarter. Loy Norrix had a rough first quarter but pushed St. Joseph until the 4th quarter, going into overtime. Photo Credit / Colin Carnell

Colin Carnell, Copy Editor

After a tough battle between the Loy Norrix High School and St. Joseph Varsity Men’s Basketball teams, St. Joseph pulled ahead in overtime to win 57-49. The first quarter was rough for Loy Norrix, but the team recovered and managed to push St. Joseph back.

Senior Kamaria Tilley attended the game. “[I like] The excitement after scoring and the encouragement from the crowd,” said Tilley.

The game against St. Joseph on December 19 marks the third loss of the season for the varsity men’s basketball team.

Senior Derrell Mabon Jr. plays  on the varsity team. “Well, we [the players] all know each others’ strengths and weaknesses, so we know where each person is for the dive and for the shot,” said Mabon Jr.

This season is head coach Trey McDonald’s first working with the men’s team. McDonald was the women’s varsity basketball coach last season.

McDonald tries to encourage persistence in his players. McDonald wants his players to take the attitude they get from practice and in playing the games off the court as well. “Probably just work hard and know that just because you work, doesn’t mean you are going to take it or deserve to win. Just keep going in the face of adversity,” said McDonald.

LNHS Varsity Men’s Basketball has a home game against Lakeview High School on Friday, January 17, at 6:00 p.m.